Is writing poetry addictive

Is writing poetry addictive?

Poetry is one of the humblest art forms.
It is akin to oxygen or water in the sense that so long it is available to us whether in entirety in classroom texts, posters, advertisements or Facebook posts none usually acknowledge its value and the moment we get bogged down under existential pressures spanning separation from a loved one, death of kin or in rare instances when the bounty of nature overwhelms us do we pay heed to the persistent voice of poetry!

The answer is a convenient YES.
When you write, be it prose or poetry, you let your emotions flow on paper, or in modern times on notepad/word via pen/keyboard.
You let out what you’ve perceived of the world, the nature, the universe and the people, or the leaves, the flowers,the creatures, the objects.
When you are writing for the first time you might be a bit hesitant, in terms of confidence and the response your work would get if shared.
If it is just kept to yourself, and you read and feel amazing about it, mission accomplished! If you share and get a stupendous response, bravo, and if not, don’t worry because you wrote that first for yourself or for your muse, and if you yourself appreciate it and accept it as your own, the job is done.
Expressing is easy and difficult, simple and complicated.
We fumble with words whilst trying to speak, so we have two choices, either keep it to ourselves and live the life of a recluse, or pour it out in the form of words.
More than addiction, it is passion, because once you start off with it, you know what to do whenever an overwhelming emotion surrounds you.
You know what to do when you’re heartbroken.
You know what to do when your mind is in turmoil.
You know what to do when you’re in a state of bliss.
You know how to give a beautiful shape to your words.
You know how to play with them because you own them and proficiently embellish them on paper.
You learn to admire people akin in the same realm.
You appreciate their work more and understand better what a poet goes through when he pens down his/her thoughts in the form of words wrapped whether with love or hatred, hope or pain, manifestation of anxiety or exposition of any idea.
Writing poetry is much more than addiction, it’s like living a life you’ve never lived before, feeling something you’ve never felt before, hoping for a better world which might seem impossible in the real times, but you just made it attainable by creating one!

The angel of the Lord came down
And placed his hand on mine
And told me I don’t need to frown
If I’d write out each line…
For, in the writing, words appeared
To rest upon the page,
Such that my doubts had all but cleared,
Now locked up in a cage…
From that day on, I’ve tried to write,
Fresh lines that share new faith,
To fill this dark world up with light,
In hopes to make it safe…
So writing’s not a hobby, friend,
To while away the hours,
But something wise to comprehend,
That grants us godly powers…
It’s not like magic borne of Man,
Or casting spells abroad,
But gently fitting in God’s plan
To lead us to the Lord…
That’s why the preacher writes a hymn,
A psalm of perfect grace,
Not just to satisfy a whim,
But that we seek God’s face…
Thus, to the Throne of God, draw close,
Beyond the poet’s rhyme,
To God above, for He well knows
What’s perfect and sublime…
For this old world needs so much more
Than things that shoppers buy,
It needs a reason to live for,
Beyond that question, ‘WHY?’
To help another on the way,
That’s why I choose to write,
It doesn’t matter, night or day,
As long as there’s insight…
A beacon set upon a hill,
A star set high above,
Though writing’s known to give a thrill,
Let’s write by faith, with love…
Denis Martindale February 2017.


Let me say I am pulled between my beer and my pen
I sip some amber nectar and think again
I just got an urge to write something down
I am home sick of the verses when they are not around
Every morning a phrase will enter my head
From the moment I fall out of the shambles of my bed
Another verse is coming around the next! corner
Poetry is addictive writing is my saviour

Not in the way you'd think, really.
Poetry has to come naturally to you.
You can't just sit down with a pen and a deadline just hoping to come up with something decent.
I’d just stare at the blank sheet forever and then just give up and go get myself some coffee.
Trust me, the dry spells last a lot longer than that moment of sheer inspiration.
But it's all worth that moment…when it just flows out of you so beautifully and you find the right words to go with the right emotion without even having to think about it.
Poetry is no crack, it's more like when you get food poisoning.
You gotta go when you gotta go.
But otherwise, nada.

Yes , Yes ! Indeed .
It is one flow of every thought you want to pen down .
One thing that let’s you ask rhetorical questions , where you can at times screw some grammar and make a beautiful piece .
A part of your brain that enjoys , wait , it should be, your brain complete as a whole with your soul enjoys it .
And best part , your poems don’t judge you , they are what you make them !

For me, I am not really sure.
It can be addictive, and there are times when I just don’t want to go without writing a poem or two.
Other times, I can go for a month without feeling the urge to write a poem.
It is very fun, but not always addictive.
I think that it really depends on the person.
I hope this answer helps!

Poetry is a way of liberating your inner desires and the thoughts that keep somersaulting inside you.
It is freedom of words and you definitely know how addictive freedom tastes :)

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