Is there a kids Quora

Is there a kids Quora?

I think we need to create “how was santa born?” as a question, and explain in the question description that we should all do our best to write the most adorable fictitious childhood, every answer different.
“Well, the way I heard it back in the army, he was an orphan, raised by polar bears…” “Nah, back in the 80s some guy did research on this, and tracked down who his parents were.
Turns out he's the last descendant of the pharoahs.
Lives in a pyramid under the greenland ice, which keeps him forever young…” “Can't believe you guys are serious, everyone knows he's John Bunyan retired.

Then when there's a good crop of answers, edit away the question details, and show to your daughter! :p
Fun hacks like that aside though, I think the idea of a kid's quora is oxymoronic: the open honesty of discourse here, the essentially un-monitored content, would be the exact opposite of what you want.
No myths would be safe: tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, god, safety, not swimming after eating…
Quora is the wrong kind of platform for supporting lies, even white ones.
And to make a “kid safe” version would require such a horrible level of supervision, that it would no longer be quora.

There is one, us, old people.
Nothing more excites me when someone very young starts asking me questions about certain things despite being unable to give a definitive answer to him/her.
Makes me feel like an authority too.
Adolescents should be kept from internet until they can decide what's good and bad.
So in the meantime, you get to be Kids' version of Quora 😉

Updated: 13.07.2019 — 10:16 am

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