Is the word everybody singular or plural

Is the word everybody singular or plural?

Singular: if you break it down, the word is "every body" (person), as in each and every single person.
Same goes for "everything".
Because it refers to single individuals referred to as such ("every"), it is not a collective noun like "people", which is a plural.

"It seems everybody in the room is having a good time.
" (Every individual is having…)
"As I see it, all the people in room are having a good time.
" (The people as a group are having…)

The word—“everybody”—is an indefinite pronoun, meaning it doesn't refer to a particular person.
This indefinite pronoun is singular.
This is important information, as you need to know if the subject is plural or singular in order to use the correct verb form.

Updated: 12.07.2019 — 5:45 pm

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