How often do you surprise yourself with your writing

How often do you surprise yourself with your writing?

Writing is not one of my talents.
It’s a skill I had to acquire for my legal profession.
But it’s an important one, so I like practicing it often.
What is surprising though, is how I was able to connect with many people and affect them without realizing it.
The other day I reached out to one of MommyGO buyers and asked her how she has heard of our product.
She responded that she has been reading me on Quora for two years, she is a mom also and feels that she could relate to me a lot.
I was smiling ear to ear.

You mean the legibility of the scrawl that follows on paper about 10 seconds behind my thoughts and therefore gets all confused?
Or the magical visions created by my superb use of prose to create moods, characters and worlds beyond the mundane, taking the reader to wondrous places envisioned in their imagination and mine?
If it’s the latter, I’d certainly be surprised, I’ve spent most of the past 25 years writing PowerPoints for school chemistry, physics and computing classes.
Maybe I’ll find that novel in me, yet, but I’ll have to be quick, at my age.

Honestly, I find that I'm surprised by my writing nearly every time I sit down at a keyboard.
When I write, I generally have at least a vague idea as to where I want my story to go.
As I go along, I tend to change little things — maybe I'll add something here, tweak this, or remove an entire character.
These things might not seem to make a difference at first, but they add up rather quickly.
The end result is hardly ever similar to my initial idea.

Wow constantly.
In my new series my characters were headed to a bookstore to return a book.
I was wrapping the novel up.
But they arrived and the store was closed for a month for a buying trip.
I had no idea! So I took them off on another adventure where they lost the book! This was totally unplanned.
Needless to say the book didn't end quite as quickly as I expected.

My writing is constantly evolving so I constantly surprise myself.
I've written numerous short stories, poems, essays, etc.
Whenever I look them over after much time, I either smile or cringe.
I mentally restructure the pieces and change around words.
I only smile at my poetry because it's something that can be less worked upon.

When ever I get done pursuing an idea and most often when I’m not even writing.
I’ll get done putting someone on a page and I’ll just be like, ‘holy sh*t, what is that?’ because you always expect your characters to fall in line with this person that you think you are, but it never happens that way.
Or, at least that is my take.

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