How do you write popular Quora answers

How do you write popular Quora answers?

You don’t try to write popular answers.
I’m going to stop and be an artist for a second.
I’m staring at this piece of art:
Let’s call this ‘Lightning in a bottle.
’ It is, without doubt, one of the best pieces I’ve ever done.
It was the result of a few hours work last Friday evening when I was tired and really just needed to make something.

Since then, I’ve sat down several times to do some kind of art and I’ve found myself chasing the lightning.
Chasing the lightning only results in pale imitations of the lightning.
Things that ape the elements without touching the soul.
In trying to recapture the lightning, the next piece of art can’t be anything but a murky reflection of the thing that it imitates… it can’t breathe or speak for itself.
Same thing with writing popular answers on Quora.
I’ve written a few thousand answers.
Trying to write something that will be popular or viral… it always fails.
One of the things that’s very popular on Quora is being genuine and authentic.
When you try to deliberately craft the popular thing you become, at best, an imitation of yourself and at worst an imitation of someone else.
Don’t try to write popular answers.
Try to write good answers.
Treat it like anything else, get your 10,000 hours in.
Hone your craft.
Develop your voice.
Be authentic.
Let the chips fall where they may,

There’s really nothing of significance I can add to the answer from one of the most inspirational and long term Quorans here, Stan Hanks.

Write As If No One Is Reading It
The only thing I might add, is to write as if no one is reading your answers.
I first came to Quora in 2012, felt uncomfortable and left.
Digging Myself Out Of A Dark Space
In the Spring of 2017 I was in a dark place and needed to find myself again.
I found an old email from Quora confirming my registration from 2012.
Curious to see if Quora was still alive and well, I popped in and was blown away by how amazing the site had become in the 5 years I had been missing in action (MIA).
Real Life Worries Which Needed To Be Solved
Part of my dark place at the time included worry and grief about my beloved 18 year old popular Quora superstars.
I’m not a Top Writer or Questioner.
Nor do I have tons of followers.
Honestly? I don’t give those things a second thought.
I’m not here to win awards, be admired, liked or appreciated.
I leave my ego in my downstairs hall closet.
I’m here for me and to write.
Also, to help others who might learn from some of my deepest darkest pain and life experiences.
Appreciate All The People Who Make Quora A Special Place
I greatly appreciate Quora for allowing me to be here and be part of this amazing community.
No, it’s not perfect, but nothing in life ever is.
I look past any issues at the incredible people who are here.
If no one ever reads my answers, follows me, thanks me, like me or upvotes me, it doesn’t really matter.
The True Secret Of How You Write Popular Quora Answers?
There lies the true secret to many of the most beloved Quorans who write the most popular Quora answers.
They don’t care either.
Not even a little bit.
They do care as Stan Hanks said about “writing.
From the heart.
From the stuff you know, from your life experiences.

Perfect answer.
Memorize it and follow Stan’s sage advice.

You just… write.
From the heart.
From the stuff you know, from your life experiences.
I’ve written 5300 answers since I started here.
One – the second answer I ever wrote – has over a million views.
There are another three dozen (exactly, oddly) with 100k or more.
I have absolutely no idea what makes one of those super popular, or how I wrote it any differently from one of my answers with five views.
It’s clearly a function of something that doesn’t have anything to do with HOW I write; it’s got to be what those answers happened to be about, and how they happened to fit into things that were of interest (and which continue to be of interest), and the viral spread of one person upvoting, someone else seeing that it happened, and checking it out, etc.
So: go.
Be yourself.
Oh: one final word.
I did learn something from Oliver Emberton way, way, way back in the beginning.
If you think you’ve written a really good answer, go back to the original question.
Look at the topic tags.
Figure out what’s missing there, and add them.
Feel free to delete any that shouldn’t be there as well.
That actually serves to improve the chances of getting the question and associated answers in front of people who might appreciate it.
But first: write.

Some people use Quora like a popularity contest.
Others use it just to insult others and provoke online fights.
Either way, it is simply wasted time and energy.
Don’t be one of those people.
If you only want to just GET a lot of answers to your question on Quora, just for the sake of SEEING it on Quora and getting a lot of ANSWERS on Quora, you are missing the point of Quora altogether.
Quora is supposed to be a place to (respectfully) exchange ideas and better understand stuff.
Your best bet in using Quora is to actually think and wonder about something that isn't easily answered by just doing a web search.
That way is more difficult, you might get fewer answers, but the answers you get are of likely to be of better quality.

Please don't.
Don't write for popularity.
Don't write for people.
Don't write for anyone but yourself.
When you write for yourself, the true skill of your writing and personality comes out.
If people like that, they will appreciate you for it because it is the most genuine form of self-expression.
I think I agree with Nehru who once said that popularity was often the handmaiden of undesirable people.
Popularity is no guarantee that your answer is good or even accurate.
I have seen many popular answers containing absolutely incorrect statements, poorly-researched opinions or even hateful attitudes; they have still become very popular.
Popularity is accidental.
Focus on writing good answers.
You cannot say that everyone will appreciate you immediately but they will if you have skill, flair, humour or knowledge.

You don’t.
That is, you don’t set out to write popular answers.
I’ve written 24,425 answers.
Some have hundreds of thousands of upvotes.
Some have less than 10 upvotes.
I’ve got very little idea why.
So, write answers that you think will be helpful.

I really don’t understand you guys.
My best, most rigorous answers that I’m most proud of, are in philosophy and philosophy of mind.
I started off on Quora that way and had a dedicated 400 follower crew.
But suddenly I start giving life advice and commenting on current affairs (which is done quickly and helper skelter in comparison), and people are like UPVOTE THAT ISH.
Weird crowd.

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