How do you see life and the world

How do you see life and the world?

I see life as a Journey of a Train.
Do you see life as Colorful or as black & white?
Sometimes its full of twists and turns.
Sometimes its swift on a straight path
The Permanent Driver of the Train is YOU.
Your parents are the engineers of your train.
They made it all happen, but they are not going to be through for all of your journeys.
Your friends and family members are like the passengers of the train.
They They get on when it is time to, They get off when it is time to.
Like NO Passenger stays forever! No person stays forever in our lives.
Don’t Run after them, its your next task to move forward and never look back! A train ought to keep its direction forward, in order to avoid accidents.
While experiencing a low phase in life.
Keep a proper mental balance.
If not, Then you’ll fall off the cliff in no time.
People might sometimes try to push you or shook you from inside.
Do not hesitate to push them back.
Stay Strong.
Stay Calm!
Don’t let them take your advantage, or this will happen!
But Don’t be empty on inside! It will be no good.
Remember, Good people will make your journey rememberable.

With my eyes.
But if you mean how do I perceive life, etc…then my answer is:
I try to live and let live.
I don't like a lot of shit other people do, but other people don't like a lot of shit that I do.
So I try to be non-judgemental.
Also, those of us who were born and raised in the USA often judge the rest of the world by our American centric views.
For whatever fucked up reason, we fail to take into account that the rest of the world has its own shit to deal with.
But the government decides, at times, that it knows what's best for everyone else.
We have plenty of our own crap that's out of whack and needs fixing before we go out and try to fix everyone else.
And people are people wherever you go.
I've been around the world a couple of times and something we all seem to have in common is the struggle to find the elusive 'happiness' factor.
And happiness is different things for different people.
For me, it was being married to the sexiest woman I have ever met for 30 years.
Since she died 4 years ago, I have had to redefine my happiness.
So when I have a bottle of Crown, ice cold beer, killer bud to smoke and friends to hang with, I am happy.
Especially when it's with other musicians and I get to rock my drums.

How do I see life and the World.
well being that I am Chosen to be in God’s dominion while still alive to this world you best believe that I have been giving some special God given awards as to not have my life dedicated to School, or Church, or Work but to be willing able and ready to record the knowledge that God Personally Revealed to me about itself.
I look at Life and How to maneuver through the World with God as Your personal Guide, “like why do people make this living thing so complicated when it can flow and run so nicely without even having to think about it just like breathing’.
I use the commonsense approach the be kind to and look out for others.
The reason why people ague fight and fuss most times just needs a little common sense would make a lot of sense.

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