How do you picture the person who A2Ad you

How do you picture the person who A2A’d you?

Thanks for the A2A
Today’s A2Aer isn’t as:
famous as Sean Kernan
deadly as Dave Consiglio
mother fu***ing cool as Ethan James
is a good friend, Jackson Ghelli
(He said use to all these photos of the conversation.
Here’s the proof)
Using my over analyzing skills, I feel like you are a skinny white teenage boy with brown hair and eyes.
Here’s my proof:
Seeing that he doesn’t play roblox, means he’s probably past the 9 year old army.
We can safely infer that he is at least a teen.
Also in one of his comments, he said has acne, further supporting the fact that he is in puberty or passing puberty.
Puberty starts at 12 and ends at 16 for males.
That narrows down his possible age.
Seeing that he texted me on Monday on a school day at a high school, it is safe to think that he is in high school meaning that he is at least 14, and at most 18.
The two sectors overlap at youngest at 14 and oldest at 16.
We can now assume he is either 14, 15, or 16.
He is a tennager.
Since he eats a bunch of cup cakes, and gets high on them, he’s gotta be at least be a tiny bit flabby right?
He’s not flabby
As said by him:
He’s really skinny.
So yeah.
I also think that Jackson are white.
Jackson likes Yuno.
In his bio, he says:
Yuno, I’m pretty sure is a white enough person.
The article: John Seungjin Oh.
I just read the following answers of yours…
Seungjin Oh's answer to Does any one want to write their heart out here?
Seungjin Oh's answer to How do I write about myself in 100 words?
So after reading your above answers, how do I picture you?
Let me share something with you first.
The clueless looking boy on the left (in the white T-shirt) is my eldest son.
He's around the same age as you.
He's going through a bout of acne as well and I sure can picture you glued to your phone just like he and his brother are.
Except he's not on Quora… Or at least that's what he tells me.
Oh hey! He also plays violin like you.
He's been going on for over 6 years now.
In his case, he wanted to learn to play.
His mother and I didn't force him to learn like typical tiger parents.
He just has a passion for music.
He also has an electric violin in case I want to hear him rock real music instead of that classical junk most typical Korean parents want to hear.
The worst punishment we can give him is to take away his violin.
At least I know how to blackmail him.
He's also a big rap fan like yourself.
He blasts Eminem in the shower and knows how to beatbox like the cool Korean ones on YouTube.
I also know he knows all the curse words like you do.
I wasn't born yesterday and I know kids will get exposed to bad behavior & language at school and on the Internet.
My rule is don't cuss in the house, don't cuss at anyone you're not willing to fight with, and don't get yourself in trouble for it.
So in certain ways, the way you describe yourself is similar to how my son reacts and behaves.
The worries, the fears, the anxiety… It's the pressures of school, friends, and even family life.
The discontent with the slow pace of life at times, the worrying about the future, and sometimes mixed with the Korean 빨리빨리 (hurry up!) culture we know too well.
I get it.
I understand you have a good life and you have a good family.
You make it quite clear that you are grateful for your status in life and being where you are.
You have a great relationship with your parents.
Especially with your father despite him being away.
I truly envy that.
Take it from this 꼰대 (old fart), back in my day, my parents were old school tiger parents who beat and humiliated me constantly.
As a result, my relationship with my parents is fairly non-existent to this day.
They definitely have regrets and as a father myself, I make sure I don't repeat the same mistakes they did.
Or else, the cycle repeats itself all over again with my kids.
Gonna go total cliché here, but always count your blessings before they hatch.
When you start feeling frustrated, think of all the good things you have in life, especially your family and friends.
Put things in perspective as well.
Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.
What you may be worried about now, ask yourself, will you be worried about that in a few months? Next year? When you're older?
You have an outlet here on Quora as well as on the chat.
I make sure my kids feel comfortable enough to talk to me about their problems, without retribution.
Feel free likewise to talk with me as well.
You'll just have to put up with my weird sense of humor.
Oh yeah… Surprise your dad with a Kakao video call now and then.
He'd appreciate it.
I know I would.
Father and son relationships have to be fun too.
Especially Korean ones.
Cheers from both of us!
By the way… You need to go back and reread J.
Salinger's, “The Catcher in the Rye.
” That's a great coming-of-age novel.
Don't be a phony!

Aaron Chai.
For you? Well…

Christopher Williams: For as long as I could remember, your profile picture was either a photoshopped Hitler or Kim Jung Un, so I picture you as one of those….
Thomas Yom: Exactly as you look like in your profile picture, obviously! For some reason, you remind me of an A-10 and SR-71 specifically, with you having used to work in the military and all that.
Fareen Qazii: I picture you as a small and skinny Asian girl wearing K-pop merch lol.
Emily Zhang (米粒): I picture you as a short Chinese girl, I guess? I mean, for most of the people I’m about to answer even besides you, I’ve never really thought about specifically in terms of physical appearance.
Hawon Cho: Tan(given that you live in Southern Cali) Korean girl?
Meredith Day: Well, I know how half of your face looks like:
So, that.
Except with dark brown eyes, I guess.
The rest of your face looks very similar to a Korean American girl I used to know when I was in 5th grade, so you remind me of her.
HostingWala: Dude, how are you not banned yet.
I don’t think you’re allowed to advertise products.
Emilee Grace: Well, the only thing I know about you is that you’re Meredith’s friend, the state you live in with Meredith(which I’ll not disclose in public), and according to Meredith, that you are very pretty.
Apparently, your family name “Grace” is from Britain or the U.
, which means you must be white.
So, white attractive female?
User-10760776755599234289: Your last name is also from Britain apparently, so I guess you’re just a white female? I think I also read somewhere that you have acne.

Emmie Smith.
If I do recall, you did a semi-face reveal at some point…
I remember that you looked short, and had black hair which was also short.
Your face was blurred.
I would imagine something like this:
(Except with black hair).

Hi, Tom!
The first image that comes to mind when I see “Tom Grennon” is something like a wolf.
And now I’m picturing a tree, because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “the first thing that comes to mind”.
No, I’m not saying you look like a tree! You look like a wolf.
Okay, you want me to visualize you as a human? Well, let’s see.
Your profile says you’re a 20 year-old white guy.
With… Brown hair? Light brown.
And hazel eyes.
About 5’ 9”.
You wear jeans, and I can’t see your shirt because of your grey hoodie.
On your feet you have a pair of old Adidas sneakers.
How did I do?

Hmmmmmmmmmm, John Seungjin Oh.
I don’t picture a face with people online unless they actually have shown pictures of themselves, because I care less about the appearance compared to how they actually act towards me (and you’re no exception) I have never really tried to associate a face to you.
I mean, I know your descriptions of yourself, but that doesn’t mean I know anything much for sure.
But I do know that you’re South Korean, your hair is black, you’re tallish, athletic, you have glasses, you have excellent fashion sense, and you said you have some RBF.
Kinda like this?? Maybe?? Shorten the hair probably, change a few things about the face or glasses here and there.
Keep the sweater though, add a blazer of course.
Don't kill me please.

Michael Li huh?
Lives in the Bay Area, so remains more Asian than other AA’s, so he looks like a young Mainland Chinese university student with glasses, a baby face and somewhat skinny lol.
Wears either uniqlo or understated khaki or black clothes.
Definitely wears glasses? Speaks American accented English and pretty fluent in mandarin.
Knows a few phrases of Cantonese from going to restaurants, Japanese from anime and Korean from Kpop lmao.
Likes going on political forums in his spare time on zhihu AND reddit but is fairly moderate mostly in comparison to others.

Rydia Shaw – I kinda already know what u look like thru pictures……
Leticia Viedma – i think i saw u in pictures, too
Ethan Erhardt – idk…….
maybe as like some asian dude with straight-up white hair XD sry ;p

Um, for Yossi, on the shorter side, dark hair, and dark brown eyes.
You seem like a pretty chill person, so probably wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
But definitely dark hair and short ish.
Tyler, oh geez I only know a few Tylers and they’re all over the place, but brunette, kinda skinny? Maybe wears glasses, can tan pretty well.
This is all conjecture, but I LIKE to think I can picture people pretty well.

How do I picture you, Emanuel Leung?
The first image in my mind was this guy.
But he doesn’t look much like a Chinese man.
So, I don’t think that’s you.
I think as a child you may have been a little bit like my son was.
He was much taller than other boys in his class and his teachers thought of him as a big Teddy Bear.
He was good-natured and sweet.
He’s always been funny, too, since he was a toddler.
That’s how I picture you, Emanuel.
Like a funny and sweet Teddy Bear, but obviously with a very sharp brain.
And you love your mom a lot!
On the other hand, it’s totally possible that you look just like this guy.
Image credit: Google

Millie Cy
I kinda just picture your pfp.
I haven't really talked to you that often (sorry) so I'm not sure where to even start on how you might look.
John Seungjin Oh
I already know what you look like, and honestly I pictured almost exactly the photo that you posted xD
Kong Thao
Basically John but older ig? Either that or a Loaf Boi
Julia Ray
I haven't talked to you at all I think (;-; ) So I have no clue.
Rydia Shaw (since I can't link her profile :/)
I know what you look like famskiii, and I picture you as you.
-Cheyenne Kapelos, Blanket Loli, Edge Queen of Quora-

Well, you have your photo in your bio…

Well, Taylor Craig, I picture you to look exactly like this:
(Well, probably because you posted the picture on your page, but…still, this is what I picture you to look like).
Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.
I basically picture you as a short, blue eyed, blonde haired teenager.
Hey, being short isn’t all bad.
You could pass for a kid and get a McDonalds happy meal without looking suspicious! 😀

Thanks for the request Moltriz Shado!!!
How do I picture you? Well for me if I am talkin to someone n I have yet to see them I usualy just imagine their profile picture.
But see heres the weird part
You would think I would imagine Titan Eren
But no…
Whenever I see that I got a message or notification from you…for some reason it always seems like you have chimp roushi as your profile pic….
I dont know why but it does.
If you are wonderin what a chimp roushi is…This is him
So I imagin you lookin like him lol
~Pet of Quora~

I picture Moltriz Shado as:
A nice person.
Good to be friends with.

Well, Yossi, I usually picture you in Adidas shorts, and a T-shirt.
Either white, black or grey.
Sometimes green.
You are wearing Crocs (YAY!!) and listening to music on your iPod.

Alright, Kong Thao … I can’t see you as anything else other than your display pic :)

Well, I've certainly never spoke with you, Justin J.
, so I have no idea.
I couldn't resist stalking your page for a bit to find out your personality.
Physically, I'll make a random guess and say you're tall/average, and either average weight, or thin.
(Idk though, that doesn't concern me)
Personality wise, I think you're intelligent, question things, loves gaining knowledge, funny, and easygoing/outgoing.
But again, I can't judge without actually speaking with you, luv.

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