How do teens discover Quora

How do teens discover Quora?

Last year, I was taking an AP Human Geography course where pretty much 90% of what we learned, we had to look up our own, at home.
I was doing my homework, searching up something that I don’t even remember now, and this one site called Quora popped up in the first page.
I think I had been on here a few times before, also for homework, so I reached the point where it told me to make an account in order to read more.
Normally, I would just move on if given that prompt, but at this point my homework had been taking annoyingly long so I just made an account to get my assignment done.
I kept getting emails from Quora Digest for months following.
They were annoying at first, then I got curious and started reading them.
Pretty soon I was eager for the weekly Digest email, because I loved reading the answers.
It never really occurred to me to just open up Quora alone and read.
It pretty much only existed as the Digest.
But you know how you read through all of the Digest answers, then you scroll down some more, and you return to your regular feed? At the time, I was following one person, who I can’t even remember—I was following his blog, I think, because I had read a load of his posts on writing books, and I think I automatically followed him on Quora because of that, and I think I was also following a few books/reading/writing topics.
So, I found a question asking for book recommendations.
I got excited.
Oh, neat! I love recommending books to people!
So I wrote my first answer and it’s just gone on from there.
It took a few answers for me to really like writing on here.
It felt nice to just kind of work through what I thought and format it in an understandable answer, and I saw it as a way to write more regularly even if I wasn’t writing stories.
So, in short, I found Quora while doing my homework, stuck on because reading answers about planes and movies interested me, and started writing because I can never shut up about books.

Back in December 2016, I was trying to figure out the folklore behind werewolves and lycanthropy.
Lil’ ol’ me™ suddenly stumbled upon a website whose legendary name echoes through the hall of Champions!
What’s that? You wish to know the name of this website? You, a mere mortal? I scoff at your bold, yet forced, declaration and determination.
However, who am I to deny your request? Prepare to kneeeeel!
It’s Quora.
2 hours of Wiki-ing and other website sifting led me here.
At first, I made a account just to access the answers I was looking for.
After that led to basically nowhere, I became unimpressed and uninterested.
Then, around early January, I came back and started to read through my Quora digest.
I was bored and didn’t know what else to do.
I was hooked! Look at all the insightful answers to questions that I never even thought to ask! Look at the phrasing of their answers! How could anyone be bored on this website?!
I became determined to be as funny, smart, and interesting as the people who were on this website.
My first 20 or so answers sucked.
I had no idea on how to write the quirky answers I read.
Slowly but surely, I discovered topics that held my interest.
Questions I could give answers to.
Amazing writers with unique writing styles and personalities.
My writing improved.
My answers became longer and more thoughtful.
I began to carve out my own writing style, though I’m still working on it.
As of now, I have 50 followers.
I’ve found passion in topics I’d never dreamed I’d like.
I’ve read stories that have made me laugh, cry, and go: whaaaaa?
I’m still growing.
Still learning.
Still living.
And I’m not leaving anytime soon.

This was a rather cynical set of events.
So, this is the Summer of 2016, 16 year old Daniyaal is super bored during his trip to India.
Boredom does something quite intriguing to him, it gives him weird, over the top ideas.
Things like questioning if free will exists, or what will happen if Milky Way and Andromeda Collide.
Often times, he’d search it up on google and 9 out of 10 times, the first link would be from Quora.
These encounters went on for a while, until he got annoyed with the “Create an account” pop up and just decided to log in with G+.
From there on, it was a snowball.
The cookies Quora placed on his browser monitored his Internet habits(this is something not a lot of people are aware of), and he got weekly Digests which surprisingly, coincided with exactly the things he’d been reading about.
And voila, he finally decided to let the Quora addiction take over.

October 2015, 7:30 pm, Somewhere Classified in Maryland
13-year-old Lane Norman is on his computer.
He is Googling something for history class.
First link that pops up is Tim Dempsey's answer to How do top students study?, and I clicked on it.
After all, who doesn’t want to study efficiently?
Given the awesomeness (probably not even a word) of the answer, I decided to check out other Quora Digest mails, and to my surprise, I actually liked the content.
As I said, I already had an account (don’t know how or why), so I started checking out my personal feed, which wasn’t too personal, since I didn’t follow anyone and hadn’t written anything.
After a few more Digest e-mails, I kind of got hooked to Quora.
I used to spend my spare-time on 9Gag, but now I actually found a site, on which I could waste my time and learn stuff at the same time! It was brilliant!
Fast forward two weeks, and I started writing some answers too, since I wanted to improve my writing skills, which were relatively horrendous, to say the least.
So yeah, been here for like 10–11 days now, and I’m liking it so far!

I was at camp.
I was taking a three week course on mystery and suspense in literature and film.
Naturally, we had to write an analytical essay.
Oh yay essays! *slow sarcastic clap*
I was bored.
I was in the computer room.
Was I going to do that essay? No siree, I was not going to do that essay.
What to then, what to do? Oh! Lightbulb! I had the whole Internet right at my fingertips.
And so, clever me, I opened another tab and began to surf the web.
Was I bored? Oh no! I read about an ice cream museum in Manhattan that was open for a while and a bus that let cars drive underneath it.
I think (not sure) the article about the bus was on Quora and that I had to sign up to read more.
So I did.
My life has never been the same since.
Well actually, it took me a few months to actually become active on Quora, but you get the point.
I still have not finished that essay.

I am but a single teen (thank Kukulkan — one is more than enough), so the usefulness of my answer is “not very.
” Also I think I might have been under the technical “teen age limit” when I started here, so I might not count at all… Just as a preface.
I discovered Quora because I was Googling something and found an answer and the site wouldn't let me explore unless I created an account.
So I did.
I was on multiple sites at once at that point, but I'm bad at doing that sort of juggling and so decided that since I was getting more value from Quora I would hang out here and remove myself from the other site.
And I guess that's it.
My early answers I don't like to think about, because they're embarrassingly bad.
(I know lots of folks joined and then waited a long time before writing anything, to get a feel for the community and its social practices.
Not me! I'm sure this is a sign that I have limited social skills.

As my bio states, I am a teenager.
I discovered Quora in the way a lot of others did.
I did a Google search on some obscure topic, clicked some links, and happened to stumble upon Quora.
I do not remember exactly what happened so that I would make an account, but knowing me, I bet I found an answer I wanted to upvote, and had to create an account.
However, I probably would not have continued using Quora after that if not for my next reason.
I think it was the process that Quora makes you set up the account that hooked me in.
We have to select some topics to follow in the beginning, so that Quora can compile a feed.
I got interested in the topics, searched up some physics topics on Quora, and started reading.
Just like that, I was hooked.

I found Quora about a year- year and a half ago.
I was pretty bored, and on my phone.
At the time, I didn’t really have any apps on my phone that interested me, other than Adrián Lamo.
Youtube had some video of top 10 hackers or something along those lines.
After watching it, I heard of most of the people in the list, such as Kevin Mitnick, Anonymous, Gary McKinnon, Jonathan James, but never an Adrian(no offense).
I look him on Google, and behold, What part of the chicken are chicken nuggets made from?
It directed me to Quora and I got hooked.
I finally found a place with experts in certain fields and humorous people in those same fields.
The people answering these answers felt reliable, they felt like they knew what they were talking about.
So now I always go to Quora before I Google something.

I first discovered Quora when searching for answers to random questions.
Answers on this website would pop up quite frequently and generally be the most helpful, so i got into reading some more & now it's my most visited website.

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