How do I write story endings

How do I write story endings?

Start with the end in mind.
I know how you feel, my “drawers” are full of stories like this.
I have an idea for the beginning, or the middle of the “action”.
It’s a very cool beginning, or a very cool middle, but once it’s on the paper, the terrifying question comes: okay, but now what?A story may end in a hundred ways and none of them seems good enough.
Meanwhile more ideas come, more beginning and more middles, but no ends.
So I write, just in case I come up with an ending later.
But I don’t.
And the cycle repeats itself.
Not every story must have a cathartic ending, but every story has to end.
And there is an end to every story, believe me.
You just need to discover it.
Keep exploring.

Updated: 28.06.2019 — 3:08 pm

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