How do I write a female having her period when Im a male writer

How do I write a female having her period when I’m a male writer?

You've just hit on one of my pet peeves about men writing women characters.
you can tell a man wrote it when the woman character does things like "have her period.
We all have them and life doesn't stop because you've got it.

Lara Croft isn't swinging through the jungle craving chocolate and thinking about retaining water, even if it is that time of the month.
If Princess Leia is having cramps, she's not griping to Chewie about it.
Even women's lit writers who are rolling around in the minutiae of daily life don't make a big deal out of periods.
If there isn't some important reason for her to have it, something that a plot point hinges on, don't just write about her period because it's a "woman" thing.
  Stephen King loves bodily fluids of all kinds so he uses a period as a shocking scene- if you're writing horror, maybe it works for you.
If you wouldn't randomly write about a man getting the runs or dealing with his morning woody or having jock itch, don't write about a women having periods.

Also, just so you know, we don't generally sit around describing our boobs in our thoughts.

Robin Pegau's answer raises two really important questions–if the period isn't integral to the story, you may not need to write the period at all.
  Just because a story takes place over 28 days doesn't mean a period needs to come up in the story (and not just because some women have longer cycles)–90+% of the time, the fact that a woman has her period at any given moment doesn't matter.
  Unless you're also making it a point to mention when your characters go to the bathroom, a period doesn't need to be discussed just because it's happening.
But let's say the period is important to the story–your character's hoping she is or isn't pregnant or something.
  Ask people what it's like when they have their period.
  Look online for different people's accounts.
  Some women get cramps that leave them nauseous and bedridden for days.
  Some women just spend a few more minutes in the bathroom.
  Some women cry at the drop of a hat.
  Some women don't really feel any different.
Something to keep in mind is that the hormonal changes aren't just during the actual time of menstruation–it's a month-long cycle.
  Some women have mood swings a few days before their period, some in the middle of the month, some not at all.
  There have been studies that show that women
Nothing beats getting a first-hand account.

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King shares how he got help from his wife when writing his book Carrie.

A story about a girl who gets ridiculed while leaking period blood in public.
And I think she goes on a killing streak.
  He also got help on the psychology of it.
I think it was his first big-hit novel.
You're in good company.
Hope this helps! :)

I just want to know WHY she is on her period in the story.
Unless it’s NSFW and then…
Anyways, many different people have periods for many different amounts of time with many different effects.
An average period lasts 7 days, but for me, it’s 4 or 5.
If she is on her period, imply it with bloody underwear and sheets, and maybe say something about her putting in a tampon, cup, or pad.
I personally don’t have any or much cramps, so your character does not HAVE to have cramps, for example.
Also, after reading all of this, think for a second.
Many TV shows with female characters take place over the course of a year.
The show never implies someone is on their period, but we know it is taking place over the course of a year.
Sometimes the girl has a shorter temper than usual, but that can be for a variety of reasons.
So why mention it?

Prepare yourself cause I’m about to educate you about how to go about addressing this delicate issue.
First I need you to understand that this is going to be a bit difficult to pull off.
Take a deep breathe.
Are you ready?
Are you sure you’re absolutely ready for what I’m about to tell you?
Okay good.
First take a couple more deep breaths
Carefully and I mean slowly open your laptop
Still with me?
Okay good.
Now place your fingers over the keyboard and type
Cause it’s just not that big a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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