How do I motivate myself to exercise

How do I motivate myself to exercise?

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit.
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”
– Muhammad Ali
Remember this guy? Greatest boxer of all time, and even HE HATED exercising!
So how did he motivate himself? There’s a story of a very simple approach he took to run/exercise every morning.
It doesn’t require fancy equipment, can easily be applied to your routine, and it’s Free!
This technique pushed me out of ‘workout procrastination’ and is the only way I’m able to exercise or go running in the morning.
As the story goes, he Wore His Gym Clothes To Bed.
Every morning, without even thinking about it, he’d just jump out of bed and go running right away.
WHY does wearing gym clothes to bed work? Here’s a Breakdown:
Most people waste time focusing on equipment, push-up angles and other ridiculous details.
Yet, the most important detail to get in shape is Motivation and pushing through Procrastination.
You can have the greatest workout tools in the world, but what’s the point without the drive to use them.
Fix these core issues first and build a routine before getting to the complicated stuff.
Try it out and lemme know how it works for you!
I write about other cool stuff like this on my blog, check it out over here →Mayank Gupta's answer to What did your body transformation look like? Now in this article I want to talk about how did I motivate myself to exercise.
You have already read what kind of character I am and what value food has in my life.
Now imagine one day you wake up and realise you can’t eat any of your favourite food anymore for an uncertain period of time and now you have to workout twice a day that too on a crash diet! How would you feel?
That was me! I had no reason to live my life anymore.
Yes, I wanted to become the best trainer in the world and all but who knows when will I become the best trainer and will I ever become the best trainer in the world? I had no sudden purpose and without it it’s hard to enjoy what you do.
But you also have to understand the other side of me.
The side I don’t talk about much.
The side of which even I am scared of! Because this side of me is competitive, this side of me is dangerous.
This side knows no complain, this side knows no excuse and this side knows no compromise.
And when this side of me decides to do something, consider it done.
I think we all have this side.
But the problem is we don’t want to face this side.
This is the same side that makes us study during the final days of exams/semester, this is the same side that makes us do things we never thought we could do.
We need to face this side and we need to feed this side.
So when I finally decided to hit the gym I asked myself ‘Mayank, why do you want to hit the gym? Is it because the doctor asked you to or because the dietitian laughed at you? Or is there a deeper reason than that? Why do you want to lose the weight? Is it because you are on the verge of diabetes or because of high cholesterol? Or is there a deeper reason than that? ’
I then told myself, ‘Mayank, if you don’t have a purpose stop! Because action without purpose produces no result.
If you lack purpose you will lack efforts and you will lack results’.
The only reason most people go to the gym and don’t produce results is because their actions lack purpose.
The only reason most people don’t produce results is because they don’t go to the gym they are sent to the gym.
I have a simple ideology when it comes to get things done.
If I do something I create an example out of it.
And that’s what I wanted to do in the gym.
From day one I knew I was very obese so it will be very easy for me to lose weight because obese people tend to lose weight faster than normal people.
I also knew I have this opportunity to show people what I am capable of.
I persuaded myself that I only have to stop eating junk until three months.
After that I will eat whatever I wish.
But for these three months I will kill myself in the gym.
And when I applied this ideology on my body with extraordinary work ethics I achieved amazing results.
This is me before and after my transformation.
I lost 32 kg in 6 months.
My waist from 38 inches to 28 inches.
My body fat percentage dropped from 37% to 15%.
I became stronger, fitter, better and sexier version of myself.
Few things I did to get great results in the gym.
How do I look now?
Soon I am going to start a new journey of fat loss.
This time I will try to be more muscular, leaner and stronger than ever.
Stay tuned guys and follow me for more inspiring content.
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I recently started a YouTube channel[1] after my Instagram fashion blog, to motivate people that if they get over their insecurities and take care of that body, they can do so much better like I am happily doing.
It feels nice to keep myself motivated for working out.
But it feels so much better to motivate others for working out.
But to keep yourself motivated you got to get over your insecure body.
Let's me narrate how I dealt it with.
Small boobs?
Big boobs?
Small ass?
Big ass?
I never cared until I left home.
I realized the world full of girls who are so conscious about these traits and guys who are value those based on those traits.
I became very insecure.
I lost that confidence.
I had a lean body, small breasts, small tushy.
I was just 17 but I had loads of pressure to compete with those curvy girls.
But, how could I?
Body can't be transitioned so much unless you have some kind of surgery.
I adapted slowly with the surrounding and people.
It was not just guys but even girls who body shamed me.
I stayed insecure for long.
When I came to Mumbai, I saw people, different thoughts , different views.
I was respected for my body.
Because I was fit.
Because I could run fast.
Because I could do more than just being worried about curves.
And why was that?
Because I was NOT LEAN.
It took me sometime to realize it.
And being fit with lean muscles and accepting myself as someone who is fit, was a great feeling.
I started to perceive things differently.
Since then, I haven't been insecure.
For me, a fit person is sexier than those curvy person.
Being curvy is like a cherry on top thing if you are fit.

I can't play sports now, but I can keep myself fit by exercises.
Hence, I started to keep myself consistent with workouts to keep my body fit.
I have one insecurity now!
What if I become weak with my muscles and what if I get a big fat belly? (It's only fair for me because a slim body and a belly don't match 😉 )
A fit body is attractive body.

I don't have to worry about being curvy now.
I look good in lean muscles.
I can wear that bodycon dress without protruding my tummy because I work hard on it.
It's my motivation.

I’ve included a response I wrote to another question about motivation on Quora, where I used exercise as an example, so be sure to read the whole answer.
I’ve added some points at the end for your specific question.
“What do you tell yourself to stay motivated?”
I don’t tell myself anything.
I stop to think about why I’m doing it in the first place.
Let’s say I’m exercising.
I do this regularly at 4p.
each day.
But today, I just don’t feel like it.
I’m not feeling the passion.
I don’t tell myself “Just do it!” or “You know you’re going to regret it if you don’t”, or even “You set a goal and made a commitment to exercise at 4p.
every day, and you have to finish the goal!” These aren’t motivators.
In fact, they might actually reduce your motivation and commitment in the long run, detaching the activity from its real purpose.
Instead, I stop and think, “Why should I exercise today?” And then I proceed to connect this activity to my values.
I started exercising in the first place because I wanted to feel healthy and happy, and when I exercise I sleep better, feel less stressed and more relaxed.
But, go even further.
I like to sleep well, feel more relaxed, and less stressed because it makes me more productive – I work more efficiently, come up with better ideas, and have more energy to do the things I love.
So, is that 30 or 60 minutes today worth feeling better all day tomorrow? Absolutely.
It isn’t about telling yourself something.
The way to get motivated is to discover the real reasons you’re doing an activity in the first place.
And to regain your motivation when you’re just not feeling it, you need to re-discover those reasons.
So stop and think “Why am I doing this in the first place?” the next time you aren’t feeling motivated.
If the answer is “I don’t know”, you shouldn’t be doing the activity in the first place.
Which one is the better motivator?
“I set a goal to exercise and I have to complete it.

“I want to be healthy, happy, and productive – all things which I feel when I exercise regularly.

You tell me.
In addition, more specific to your question, I think there are three stages you have to go through with exercise to stay motivated.
Check out Robert Greene’s book Mastery[1] for his stages (Apprenticeship, Creative/Active, and Mastery), which these are based around.
Stage 1: Imitation
In this stage, you should be searching out different types of exercises and workouts, trying them for a few days to discover what you like, and what makes you feel good.
Think about the results you want (weight loss, cardio fitness, muscle gain, etc.
) and choose some workouts along those lines.
Don’t shy away from things in this stage, try anything and everything, provided you check out the system to ensure it’s safe and designed for a specific purpose.
Do these exercises/workouts exactly as you’re told, following the creators plan and directions.
Figure out what you like and don’t like; make a list.
You can spend 30 days doing this or 180 days – do it until you start to feel bored and have a few workouts you’ve really started to like.
Focus one whatever your initial goal was and use that as motivation.
Stage 2: Creative Exploration
Here, you’ve found the activities that make you feel good.
But you have only been doing them as prescribed.
Now you can start to make them your own.
Be engaged, think about what you would change in specific workouts, then implement those changes.
Like doing yoga every 3 days instead of once a week? Then do it! You don’t have to follow plans exactly anymore, take these activities on as your own and make changes that will help you enjoy them more.
In this stage you can reassess your goals.
Do you still want to build muscle, or just be more fit? Lose weight, or be able to run a marathon? Craft a plan based around these activities, and take pleasure in doing what makes you feel healthy and energized.
Now, your focus should be on both your goal and on feeling good while doing it, enjoying the exercises that get your closer to where you want to be.
Your motivation comes from pursuing your goal, and from doing exercises that you enjoy.
Stage 3: Pleasure in Exercise
If you reach stage three, it means you’ve moved beyond having a goal as your only motivator.
Think about what affect your exercise has had on the rest of your life.
How do you feel after exercising regularly? Energized, passionate, creative, relaxed? Start to connect the results of your exercise to the things you really care about, and envision how exercise can improve those things.
If you can do that, you’ll probably come to find value in exercise itself.
Not just for the results it can get you, but for how you feel when you’re doing it.
If you can find pleasure in exercise by doing it your way, the way that makes you feel great, you won’t need any other motivation to keep doing it.
You’ll make it feel like a part of your life, just as some people drink coffee every morning.
Make it a habit, with its own value, and the motivation will always be there.

While editing this answer, I stopped to think about what motivates me to wake up at
There’s something special that can happen when you are around people that consider it a norm to be motivated to exercise or you continue to feed yourself the behavior.
Another potentially powerful thing you can do (if you are serious about this) is keep a log of the days that you don’t exercise.
It could either seriously demotivate you (seeing a long log/journal of you not exercising) or seriously motivate you.
To STAY Motivated to Exercise — I recommend yo use a really good app that will help you keep up your habits.
I use
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