How do I make it as a freelancer

How do I make it as a freelancer?

I don’t have a huge experience as a freelancer but I often collaborate with digital nomads and people who work on their own.
There is a lot of stories and interesting facts they share.
One of the guys I had the pleasure to work with told me that every freelancer should take the basic things into account:
Being a freelancer may be an amazing opportunity to do what you love and the way you like.
However, you have to plan your work to make sure that it won’t hurt your finance, career and health.
Learn from other freelancers experiences and get to know portals where you can create a profile and just respond to freelance job postings.
I would start there.
Please let me know if this works.
Try Upwork!

Updated: 26.06.2019 — 1:50 pm

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