How do I journal

How do I journal?

Buy a notebook.
Or, if you are young and tech-y, whatever your modern version is of that.
Pick up a pen, or your fingers(see above) and write my name is______\.
Write I am____years old.
I live in ______.
Describe what you are feeling at that very moment.
Do not edit yourself.
Swear if you are the swearing type.
Make a list if you are a list maker.
  Write down equations that would put Einstein to shame.
If, deep down inside you want to be a poet, write  a poem.
Singer? Write down the lyrics.
Who cares if they suck! See, I'm the swearing type.
If you are mad at someone, or in love, or devastated, say anything you damn well please, again, no editing.
Draw a picture of anything you want if you are so inclined.
Scratch the paper, if that is your medium, so hard that the police come after your serial killer pen.
There will be no arrests.
If you are journaling in some other new-fangled way, be sure to use the following symbols frequently:***##%%%%!!!!!????, or whatever floats your boat.
This is your private place to say and do whatever, whenever, you want.
Don't get caught up in should, or every day, or this must lead to my first published novel.
Draw millions of stars, all in a row if that's all you can come up with, because this is all about you.
Have fun.
You are a star.

Start at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start.
Write about something you did – a bus journey, the car trip to work, the walk down the road to get a cup of coffee.
Did something happen? Did you have any interesting thoughts? Did you wonder about the fate of the universe, or what exactly that cloud looked like? Did you wonder if you left the oven on, or if your partner had three or four orgasms the night before? Did you turn left more times than you turned right, and wonder if that meant you are more liberal than conservative?
Was the coffee cold? Was the traffic slow? Did the bus driver have a scrunchie in her hair?
Do that each day – write about the minor things – then build on that.
Soon you’ll get into the habit, and you’ll be a journalling maniac.
You might even be able to tell me how journaliing is spelt, because apparently my browser doesn’t like either of those spellings.
Every so often, switch it up a bit.
Instead of writing about your day, write about the world, or about an abstract topic.
Was JD write about Heathers and Marthas? Was it duck season or rabbit season? Was Regan MacNeil possessed or was she just feeling a little cross? What brand of cat food do the last two cat owners say their cats prefer? And just how long did Tom Lehrer spend thinking about it before he rhymed philately with Chatterly?
But essentially – if you want to write a journal, write.
It’s the best way to write anything.
Stephen King said so, and I think he knows a bit about writing :)

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