How do I find good books to read

How do I find good books to read?

Before selecting any book, you should have to follow a procedure which may be different for different people.
In my case, I just follow these 3 steps.
Why note down names is important? Everyone has to know that a human’s mind like choices and if you have 2 or 3 books to choose from, you are lucky.
There are a lot of books which may have a similar title.
So, it is important to write down Names related to Book, Authors and Publishing house to find it easily on the internet.
In some case, I note down the ISBN number of the book.
Reviews are most crucial part of book selection.
Why? because no one wants to waste their days on a book which didn’t add any value to his/her life.
I do this on Goodreads, because it has an active community.
Here is my Goodreads profile, If you want to follow me, the best books of all time.
Download the
B-Reading recommendation lists.
There’s hardly a better way to find new book areas than to look at what authors you like are reading.
Plus you’ll save yourself from reading a bad book by being able to read their brief description for each book.
Here are 2 of my favorites:


You are right it is way too much book out there.
See a newly opened library in China
Let me tell you my strategy:
First choose fiction or non-fiction
In case of fiction
You should decide you would stick to your favorite genre or you want something fresh and new.
For example my favorite fiction genre is Sci-fi, I just reading John Scalzi who has a lot of books, my next sci-fi would be definitely a new Scalzi book, but sometimes I want new one, a new story.
You could get good ideas on amazon, since it has the greatest recommandation service across the web.
Just look up some of your favorites and you will get new ideas.
In case of non-fiction
Do you have something you are interested in lately? Try to find whether there is a good book connected to that topic.
For example I am looking currently a “Discovering Universe” book with understandable science language and lot of pictures.
I would start with doing my research on Goodreads listopia lists.
I just enter my topic on

Thanks for A2A.
You could do a number of things.
Here’s my 2018 Reading List >
Subhasish Ghosh's answer to Which books should I gift myself for my birthday?

Usually I read many questions at Quora and search at many places like ♎ ( libraries) bookstore to find out good books to read, I think good books are those who put some impact on you to do something that your are thinking from several years may be,
And if someone tell me that this book is so good you have to read it once then definitely I go through that book.
And I loved it when people recommended you to read some good books.
my suggestions to you , if you are a good reader who like good books.
And please keep tracing me to get more.
Thank you .

Have a good book.

Well boo to you, your choices sound rather boring.
Personal tastes aside though, Daniel Choi is right.
Go to your local library.
Don’t be afraid to ask the people working their about where the non-fiction and history are, and what they could recommend.
Chances are the librarians are well read, and would be happy to help you find something to look for.
If you’re an unlucky sort though, who does not live near a library, go online.
Find the name of a book you like on amazon, and see what it recommends for people who have bought it before.
Just keep clicking on books till you find one you like.
If you are an even unluckier sort who does not even have an internet connection because your parents thought living in the middle of nowhere was a great idea, I will question how you got your hands on 15 books in the first place.
I’ll assume there is some form of a book store near you too (probably within a 20~30 minute drive of your house), where you can ask the people who work there what they could recommend to a person such as yourself.
Again, these people would probably be more than welcome to give you advice on what to read.
Any of the things I recommended above will probably yield better results than asking random strangers on Quora what to do, mainly because you won’t be limited to 300 characters to describe your problem.

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