How did you start writing your first novel

How did you start writing your first novel?

I started off with a plan.
I had an idea of a world and a story in my head, and I wrote down the basic outline as notes that only I would understand.
It looked something like this:
Aida’s is captured in Radost and is taken to Stalney
She is adopted into the family of a soldier who saved her.
She becomes friends with the daughter of the family, Mia, but the son, Wyatt, is mean to her.
Wyrda teaches Aida magic and she decides to free her people
Aida sets lots of her people free
The rebellion starts in Diflon, where Aida sets some miners free and they tell her that Amir’Askari (her brother) was sent to the mines in Dreybeth
Aida and the miners travel WNW to Saloo, but on the way are attacked for being escaped slaves, but then are taken in by a black family.
They go from the house to Dreybeth instead of going to Seloo, and free Amir
They go west to Mayvorn, then start towards Futern
Amir’Askari tries to lead the rebellion instead of Aida and they compete in “The Games”
Aida wins (only just) but Amir and his friends say she cheated so they leave so that they don’t have to follow her.
Wydra dies after their duel, but Aiada meets some elves after liberating the slaves in Mandy-yaa and they further her magical learning
Aida’s army liberates Larsnip
The king of Stalney talks to Aida and makes slavery of any kind illegal
Aida’s group decide to go back to Radost
Amir challenges Aida again, saying she cheated when they fought and that since they had weakened Stalney with the war they should conquer it
Aida fights Amir again, and he reveals that he only wanted to echo their father by being a great leader
Aida gets on a ship to go home but instead decides to stay in Stalney with Mia
Now, this doesn’t really make much sense, nor does it tell a compelling story, but it helped me flesh out what I wanted to do and it covers all the major plot points.
Then I just started writing it.
And yes I still haven’t finished it,
And yes I doubt it’ll ever be published,
And yes it’s taking forever because often I can’t find the motivation,
But even if it’s not good enough to be published it’ll be valuable purely because of the practice it gives me with writing.
So I just write.

My daughter demanded letters when she went on her first overnight camp experience.
Instead of writing, “Dear Samantha,” I wrote “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.
” Over five years, I wrote more of the story every summer (only) until I got tired of printing out copies in booklet form to friends, coworkers and family who “wanted to read it.
” I edited the five years worth of letters when she graduated high school and published it through Xlibris so if someone wanted a copy, I wouldn’t have the burden and make a few pennies at the same time.
Surprisingly, I made back every cent I paid for the Xlibris service.

i belong to the area near sindh , in this area it is very common to kill the female ,to vunny them, regret them.
they have less value than animal.
male of the families are their lords they have all the rights to keep foot upon women heads.
men are the owners of the lives of women.
so i not only observed those women closely but also felt their pain in bottom of my heart.
i decided to become the voice of these all women who are waiting for a miracle of freedom.
thats what i say “ their pain is the ink of my pen”

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