How could we maintain peace if the worlds population reduced into half overnight

How could we maintain peace if the world’s population reduced into half overnight?

We cannot we are humans
It will be a peace to earth and atomically to all if the half population reduced
Sure their will be a malfunctions and lots of Chaos but every ending is a new beginning
According to my view this is what needed not half more maybe 75 percent including me whomever ,but if we can have another planet to live then a big no
Humans are the main threats to everyone living nonliving we had prove that we to have good side but compare to its to low
I do apologises for this thought it just came

No such phenomenon as world peace.
Yin vs Yang; good vs bad; god vs satan …….
That’s the reality of life!

Why wouldn't there be peace?
There are now fewer mouths to feed and more resources to feed them with.
Also countries now have half the army they previously had, so they will be cautious in attacking anyone.

Updated: 24.06.2019 — 3:28 pm

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