How can I say You Look Great Today in Spanish

How can I say “You Look Great Today” in Spanish?

“Te ves genial” works well enough.
“Te ves muy bien” is a fair alternative.
Note that you would omit “hoy” (which means today) as that could be taken as rude (implying that you don’t look so well every other day).
A native speaker would most likely use a variation such as “Qué bien te ves hoy” (now we use “hoy” because the form of the sentence implies that today you look even better than normally).
“Hoy sí te bañaste” is a very informal expression that should be used just with your best friends.
It jokes on the idea that, since you decided to take a shower today, you look much better than your regular untidy self.

Updated: 22.06.2019 — 4:37 pm

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