How can I get more people to read my book on Wattpad

How can I get more people to read my book on Wattpad?

It is not difficult.
If you are truly passionate about writing something which people can relate to, it wouldn't be that hard for you to gain readers.
Firstly, you need to make sure your idea is original.
There are a lot of clich├ęd romances on Wattpad and I'm pretty sure people are tired of reading them.
So, if you can get a hand at something which is a bit different from the regular books out there, there is a sure chance that you're going to earn a lot of readers.
Secondly, make sure your writing is as grammatically correct as possible.
Try making less grammatical errors because it tends to get very annoying for the readers after a while and they might not continue reading your book.
Third, make sure you have an attractive book cover.
If you are not good at making book covers, try watching a tutorial in YouTube; there are plenty out there.
Also, make sure your description is good.
People mostly judge a book by its cover on Wattpad.
And obviously, when they look at the cover, the next thing that catches their eye is the description.
So make sure you have a proper description which doesn't give out too much information, but at the same time, is catchy enough to attract readers.
Fourth, try to update as frequently as possible to keep your readers happy.
Follow as many people as you can, make friends, ask them to read your content and provide constructive criticism.
You'll be getting readers in no time!
Good luck.

Hi, I wrote Tennessee Rose and Unmasked on wattpad.
Both are doing well in reads.
All I can say is read and comment on people’s works, get into help groups where people read and comment for you reading and commenting on their books.
Ask a favorite writer on there to read your stuff and give you feedback.
No one will see your stuff unless you get the word out.
I know it’s a lot of work, but a big part of being a writer is reading, and a big part of being a writer on wattpad is community participation, so read and comment away.
Eventually, you’ll have some readers and then they share your story and so one and so forth.
Sorry there’s no magic quick fix.
To put it in perspective, I posted Tennessee Rose in February of 2016 I had 6 followers and only 3 readers.
Now, I have 1.
5K followers and 168K reads on it.
It took over 2 years to get that many, like I said, it takes time.
I hope this helps.
Here’s my profile so you know I’m not blowing smoke up ya butt.

That’s all I have for now, but I wish you all the best in Wattpad!

Well first off you should tag your story.
Add as many tags as you can and the most popular ones as well so more people find it in their searches.
Apart from this uploading regularly helps because people want to read stories of active writers and your story keeps coming up on “recently uploaded”
Good luck!

If you want you can display it on other social medias.
If you don’t want to do that, then you can add more hashtags and post more regularly.
You will get on some of the charts in both of these aspects.
Once you are on some charts, you will get more reads.
Make sure you have a strong captivating bio or description of the book

Advertise on social media my friend.

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