Have you written any poem today

Have you written any poem today?

Well, I actually love such coincidences.
Minutes ago there was this question which popped up while scrolling down the Quora page.
The question stated, “Can you write a poem for yourself?”
Hit it to witness it yourself- If there's no hope,
there is no poetry, no poet and no love.
Even when we clearly know that sunny days are only written for the evils in this world, we can't withstand against the will of the ink and paper.
They're our lifelong guides and a peaceful lap to sleep, until the day comes, when our beloved one's arrive.

Poem by: Harun Resit Aydin
( unwritten letters for Kriti )

POEM ( I JUST WONDER WHY I?) Murdering my dreams myself,
I just try to give everyone the happiness,
Making my world just the four walls,
I forgot the world lies outside,

I have recently written a poem in Hindi.
Hope you like it.

Title is – “Kuch Apne The
कुछ अपने थे, या उन कुछ में,
कुछ अपना सा लगता था।
पर जो भी था वो, एक सुनहरा सपना सा लगता था।
पर जब, वो कुछ भी, अपने ना रहे,
तो ये एहसास हुआ मुझे की
लोग बदलते नहीं हैं,
हम बस अक्सर उन्हें पहचान ने में गलती कर देते हैं।
जिनको मैंने अपना माना था कभी,
दुखी कर गए मेरे दिल को वही।
टूट गए वो वादे जो वो किया करते थे कभी,
हमेशा साथ निभाने के।
पर अब भी याद आती हैं वो बातें,
जिनमें हम खुश हुआ करते थे कभी।
जो कहना था, आज कह ही दिया उन लोगों से मैंने,
कई दिनों से मन में दफ्न वो बातें,
बयान कर ही दी आज मैंने।
अब कोई गिला नहीं मेरे मन में उनके लिए,
क्योंकि हम नाराज़ भी अपनों से ही होते हैं ना।
पर वो जो लोग थे,
वो कभी अपने ना थे,
बस अपनों से लगा करते थे।
– कृतिका शर्मा :)

Yes, I wrote one about my late mother.
You have returned once again to my dreamscape
the gleam in your eyes and blackness of your hair restored
like in these yellowed photographs of you I keep in a safe
to preserve the story you told me of your youth
which I had never seen my entire life
your weather roughened face and downturned lips
the only things I knew of you
The radiant smile on those photos
remains a mystery to me
appearing then slipping from my consciousness
like sand between my fingers

For sure u did.
It goes like –
Create no sensation if not in grasp
but least be architect of none but your's fate
Them but you shall then hold
to the everlasting wall of knowledge
But the enemy, wind there's blowing
Will the wall be lasting ?
Seems mighty these thoughts
Always onto arousing what might what might not
Ask first if really is obligation to carry it on
Only shall then efforts got to ignite
Only shall then deed must be done
Or else is it even worth ?
But dare not to pledge that vow
afterall, not much have stood for
At outset never they meant, just raw
if you ought to wrap up,
shan't at first peek deeper rather hollow
What's in there ?
Hope you would like it.

Matlab ki ye duniya hai , jhuta pyaar dikhati hai,jab zarurat padti hai tab tumko thukrati hai.
Nadan dilon ko chod Zara jab lagti hai,ek ahh nikalti hai lab se or asun ban kr girti hai.
matlab ki ye duniya hai,jhuta pyaar dikhati hai

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