Have you ever written a letter to PM Modi Have you received a response

Have you ever written a letter to PM Modi? Have you received a response?

Warning – Satirical answer ahead!
Yes – My name is Anil Ambani.
I wrote to PM to help me from going bankrupt.
He gave me Rafale.

Yes – My name is Mukesh Ambani.
I wrote to him asking how he is going to pay me back for all the funding that I gave that helped him win elections.
He wrote me back to say he is going to demonetize and let him know when I have managed by black money so that he can give it a green flag.
Jio Modi Jio! I have promised him a new dog collar with his name writtern on it.
Who is a good boy? Modi is a good boy!
Yes – My name is Gautam Adani.
After successfully helping me to manage my black money before the demo, I wrote to tell him what a good boy he was.
He gave me rights to run 5 airports in the country.

Yes – My name is Arvind Kejriwal.
I wrote to him requesting to direct his LG to speed up the process of allocating lands for building schools and hospitals.
I also asked him to let me run the anti corruption bureau of delhi police branch.
I did not get reply immediatly but the next day I saw paramilitary forces taking control of ACB.
The day after that, CBI raided my office.
Finally I got a reply from him.
It only had a rofl emoji and the words – maja aave che?
Yes – My name is Nirav Modi.
Our friendship dates back to the times when we were robbing innocent travellers on the railway station.
Modiji will approach innocent passengers on the pretext of selling chai and often would divert their attention by making a small talk and eventually convincing them that ‘Hindu is in danger’ while I would secretly steal their wallet.
We reached the peak of this partnership as he became PM and I became jewel merchant.
But now I had enough and I wanted to go to some carribean island to retire.
I wrote to him to suggest me a good way out.
And you know the rest.

Dear Mr PM of INDIA,
For the sake of government, for the sake of International human rights, for the sake of Indian parliament, for the sake of India and its reputation in the world (which has never been been lower), for the sake of better international relations, for the sake of all those refugees are forced to flee because of blackmail & persecution, for the sake of those who are forced to suicide because of property grabbing related poverty, for the sake of those who are forced to leave their land & residence because of rising crime levels in this specific area, for the sake of those who suffered mysterious deaths by that brutal criminal syndicate, for the sake of those whose land,money,valuable grabbed.
for the sake of dalit victims of property grabbing…, for the sake of violence against dalit women and girls and children, for the sake of crime climate change in this specific area, for the sake of the question of friendship with neighbouring countries of india.
for the sake of those who will die prematurely because of financial exploitation & scams caused by .
, for the sake of सत्यमेव जयते, for the rest of the world.
where nations .

for the sake of all this and probably a lot, lot more, PLEASE SAVE US.
Provide justice to them.


Matua Mallik.

I am not that kind of a person who directly approach to our PM for a pity issues and the issues which our subjected to my local or state administration.
Once i approached to my CM who is from BJP over a matter in which government officials were asking for a bribe.
I filed online complain and i was hopeless but after 1 months i got a call from CMO office and that bureaucrat assured me that my problem will be looked upon and after few days same official who asked bribe came to my home for a sorry statement.

Yes, I wrote a letter to PMO office two years back and they responded to it !!
Actually, A lot of crime was happening in my locality, they reported to police like a lot of times and result was negligible !!
All people living there was so scared of it and finally I wrote a letter to Prime minister online and exactly after one month .
I got a call from my nearest police station.

And after that day, Nothing happens again like that… So I have good experience!!

We can write a letter to honourable Prime Minister, but the letter will not be received by him.
The PMO people will get the letter and there are very few chances that you will receive a reply/response.
Anyway if you want to contact prime minister you can use narendra modi app also you can use Twitter or Facebook.

On my side I haven't yet written any letter to Honorable prime minister.
The reason for that is I don't have any reason to start any conversation with government officials.
Or if I want any info I'll contact them through RTI.

Yes I have written to him directly but not had a response.
It would be unfair for me to expect that he should respond to every letter he receives as he probably receives thousands.
His staff must prioritize.
Perhaps they did not feel my letter deserved a higher priority.

However, I have used the grievance mechanism on the pmo portal and got good results.

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