Have you ever read someones secret diary

Have you ever read someone's secret diary?

I read my brother's diary when I was 18.

He was 17.

The was because I was worried about him as he was acting strange and wouldn't talk to me about anything.
I felt terrible for doing so, but I did indeed read his diary when he and my mum went shopping one day.

For the first half of the diary, my brother claimed he was a dark being and a person named Lord Alzket.
He claimed he was ruler of the 12 Dimensions and had powers that would bring balance to the universe, time and space.
He claimed he was being living in a human's body and that I, along wiht my mother, were his host family.

In the diary, he consistently spoke of my mother and myself as sub humans and said that we were problematic.
He stated that our Mother was interrupting the 12th Dimensions and that he wished for a different sister.
In the diary he claimed that I was inconsiderate, overworked myself, repeatedly asked questions for no apparent reason, couldn't see different people's point of views and that I was deliberately out to hurt people's feelings.
On the other hand, he claimed he had never done anything of the sort.

I know I will sound biased defending myself, but I most certainly am not any of the things that he described.
That was during the time where our family was not speaking to one another and huge arguments were going on.
I was often the only person who could speak to everyone, relay messages and understand different points of views.

In the diary, he also claimed that he almost broke the time Dimensions in his sleep.
To be honest, the whole diary was quite absurd and I was deeply worried that this was coming from my 17 year old brother who wanted to become a scientist.

In the next half of the diary, he admitted that the first part was his alter ego and that from then on he would be writing about he true self.
He did so, and the diary made much more sense.

However, although he had admitted the alter ego was made up, I have never forgotten the things he wrote about my mother and myself, particularly me.
I had given my brother nothing but support throughout his entire life, I was the only reason why he graduated from primary school and made it through to high school.
I would help make him breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever our mother had her migraines.
I would help him with his homework.
At one point I wrote his English assignment for him.
I repeatedly defended him through any argument.
I had never had a single argument with him.
To be quite honest, I always believed my brother and I were some of the closest siblings in the school.

And then I found his diary.
The diary in which he claimed I was sub human.
The diary in which he said I was an object that was affecting the twelve dimensions and destroying his magical powers.
The diary in which he said the only good thing about me was that I could reproduce children for him to teach magical powers to.
The diary in which he claimed I was useless, cold hearted, and every other hurtful thing he could think of.
The diary in which he wanted a different sister.

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