Has Barack Obama been a good President overall

Has Barack Obama been a good President overall?

No matter what I say partisans are not going to agree with me but I will try to give a measured unbiased answer unclouded by conservative or liberal bias.

When you ask the question, Do you think Obama was a good president? that can be answered several different ways.
To keep from equivocating I will answer in a historical context.
Will history view Obama as a good president?
Taken in that context then I have to say a resounding, “No”
With the benefit of hind-site history views Presidents by the major accomplishments during their term in office.
I am not saying that is right or wrong just saying that is what happens.

Few are remembered for the social types of things that highlighted the Obama presidency.

The average Joe/Jane walking down the street would be hard pressed to tell you who was president when the trail of tears happened, the Voting Rights Act was passed, the 19th amendment was passed, or even the Indian Removal Act.
Just about everyone can tell you who was president during world war 1, 2, the civil war etc.

Obama’s foreign policy initiatives were less than stellar.
In my opinion he had a very friendly media during his time in office that disregarded, glossed over, and ignored his many failures in foreign policy and history wont do that.

Much was made in the conservative press of his many “Lines in the sand” but that is only really the tip of the iceberg.

Hundreds of innocents were murdered by drone strikes he ordered and the press in the United States hardly every mentioned that, history on the other will probably not be so kind.

Note: This has been so ignored in the United States I have talked to Obama backers that refuse to believe it so I have included links:
US air strike in Syria kills nearly 60 civilians 'mistaken for Isil fighters'
Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians

At least 60 people killed in air strikes in Aleppo
Children among dead in latest attack on Yemen civilians
War monitor: US airstrikes in Syrian town have killed 100 including 40 children
Syria airstrikes kill as many as 22, mostly children, outside school
Under Obama U.
drone strikes have killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.
As time goes on and the friendly press disappears the voices of the silenced Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and brothers of these victims will be heard.

My children—Mamana's grandchildren—watched it happen.
It was a sunny October afternoon in 2012 , and she was gathering okra in our family’s mostly vacant fields in Ghundi Kala village, North Waziristan, intending to cook it that evening.
My children were home, standing about a hundred feet from her.
They watched as she was struck by two Hellfire missiles, blown to bits before their eyes.
My daughters and sons felt the explosion and were covered with the smoke and dust.
Some were struck by shrapnel.
My 3-year-old son Safdar, who had been standing on the roof, fell 10 feet from the blast’s shockwave, fracturing bones in his shoulders and chest.

Afterward my daughter Nabeela, then 8-years-old, went to the place her grandmother had been standing.
She found her grandmother’s shoes.
Our family gathered as many of her body parts as we could find and wrapped them in a cloth.

My Mother Was the Victim of a U.

US to pay drone victim's family
For Families of Drone Strike Victims, Gov't Statistics Likely to Provide Little Solace
As an aside and breaking from being unbiased I would have found it comical that the US press tried to make such a big deal out of one Russian bombing that killed civilians after years of US bombing that killed civilians.
It is not funny though because hundreds of innocents are dead.

According to documents that a whistle-blower provided in 2015, "nearly 90 percent" of the people killed in airstrikes were "not intended targets.
The argument against my train of thought is that “we are at war and civilian casualties happen during war”.
My answer to that is, no we are not at war with any of these countries, Obama took it upon himself to bomb innocent civilians in sovereign nations because bad people where hiding nearby.

There are terrorist cells in every western country in the world.
When was the last time we launched a drone strike in Germany?
In a lot of ways Obama ran his foreign policy as if he was king for life instead of president of 8 years.
He didn't adhere to a lot of the traditional foreign politics the United States had established before he was president and flat out ignored or antagonized traditional allies.

Countries have foreign policy objectives that have been in place long before and survive long after a president is in office.
Much like the CEO of a large corporation his job is to steward that policy forward, not turn it upside down.
One need look no further then Isreal and see how Obama went out of his way to snub the government of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu our traditional ally in the middle east to see how he tried to reset US foreign policy.

Dealing with the Russians might be the worst strike against him.
He famously called the Russians the “JV team” then backed down when Russia took a chunk of the Ukraine.

This was again an instance of him seeing himself as separate from what the United States has traditionally done.
In 1994 the Budapest Memorandum was agreed to and we (the United States) all but assured the Ukraine its safety in exchange for giving up its Nuclear arsenal.
When the shit hit the fan, the United States under Obama did nothing.

With Russia now firmly in control, the Black Sea Fleet can control the peninsula.
The historical implications of that are still to be written.
Imagine what history will say if Russia uses those ports to expand militarily?
From the lines in the sand, the killing of innocents in drone strikes, the Doctors without borders hospital bombing, the mishandled Arab Spring, that embarrassing comment about Russia being the JV squad and the equally embarrassing “Assad must go” stance, his foreign policy failures are legion.

I would argue that if we where talking about any other president, at any other time, that was in office when all those things occurred this wouldn't even be a discussion.
These are very strange times we live in.

Most of the things cited as major accomplishments are either things he did by executive order that are being undone (transgenders in the military etc.
) or things hyped by a friendly press to look better then it is (ask someone trying to by house now or pay off a student loan if he/she thinks the economy is better then it was 10 years ago).

People will point to the ACA but with the new mandates finally starting to kick in it is not financially viable in its current form going in to the future.
I am sorry if a partisan reader wont accept that but its the truth.
This isn't Europe, people in the United Sates will not accept taxes that will drive up the cost of gasoline to 6 or 7 dollars a gallon to prop up the ACA.

The Democratic party has kept it afloat thus far but at the end of the day to keep it going will require huge financial investments (taxes) and as always congress controls the purse strings.
Some Republican lawmakers have said that all along.
“Stop with the repeal stuff and let it collapse under its own weight.
” They are probably right.

Much has been made about how Obama was “liked” by the western world, as if that means anything at the end of the day.

Everyone “liked” Jimmy Carter and he is now pretty much viewed as a bad/weak president.

Everyone disliked Nixon but he opened up China for the first time in history, got the Soviets to sign the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, ended the Vietnam war at the Paris Peace Accords in 1973, and supported Israel with massive aid, which Prime Minister Golda Meir later said saved her country.

To top that off he established a new relationship with the Middle East, eliminating Soviet dominance in the region.

If not for the Watergate thing would be remembered as a good president if not one of the best in recent history.

Popularity today does not always equate to a good historical legacy.

Barack Obama is an intelligent, eloquent, and wholly admirable man, In many ways he was an inspirational president.
But in policy Obama’s record was mostly one of failure.

I don't think history, 100 years from now, after the friendly press is gone and after we have had another black president, will be kind to the Obama legacy.

Thanks for the A2A.

By the measures I use to define “good,” yes he was a good president.

There are fewer Americans without healthcare insurance than ever before.
This is so incredibly important.

LGBTQ citizens have come closer than ever to full equality.
There’s still important changes that will have to happen, but we’ve made progress in 8 years I never thought to see in my lifetime.

This administration supported arts and science and literacy and medical research in a way we have have not seen in decades.

The United States pulled out of a depression on his watch and we regained a great deal of the cachet we had lost on the international stage under President Bush.

The man and his family are class acts.
I hold such tremendous respect for President and Mrs.

You have to put this in perspective,too.
The President I was first aware of was Richard Nixon, who caused such tremendous harm to the office of President that, in my lifetime, we’ve never once respected the role or the people in it.
Following him was Ford, who was a joke, Carter who was a good man in a role for which he was wholly unsuited by temperament.
It was with Carter that the press abdicated their role as journalists and became full-time entertainment hounds.
Then Reagan, may all the various hells of all the various religions keep him busy for all eternity.

There had not been a “good” President in my entire life.
I despaired of ever voting for someone ever again when Barack Obama showed up.

Merely by being President, Mr.
Obama surfaced the suffocating amount of racism that exists in this country and the sheer weight of hatred some people carry around with them.
This does not sound like a good thing, but surfacing this kind of prejudice means we can potentially address it.

Was he perfect? Obviously not.
How could he be? Why would anyone think he might be? How delusional do you have to be to resent a man for making such amazing progress with a Congress whose only position was to stop him from doing anything? Boy did they suck at that, because here we are with marriage equality and healthcare anyway.
What a bunch of tools.
They couldn’t even do nothing properly.

Yes, he was a good president and I am so going to miss him when he’s gone.

Presidents are compared to their contemporary predecessors.
Unfortunately it's hard to find any "good" US presidents (in the last 50 years) that are worth a mention.

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.
” ― Noam Chomsky  
So to get back to the Nobel prize winner Barack Hussein Obama who also has a "Juris Doctor" (law) degree.
During his term all of the principles of the Magna Carta have been thrown out of the window, global terror campaign (so called War on Terror) has been supercharged to a new level.
It became perfectly acceptable to kill people on suspicion of future wrong doing, "collateral" damage is yesterdays news.

BTW Nobody (99.
99%) in the mainstream mentions how "War on Terror" is a perfect way to make thousands of new terrorist threats world wide.
Once in a blue moon someone mentions how it is not "OK" to kill American citizens without trial (for some reason the majority thinks that lives of American citizens are more valuable then the rest).

To get back to the Nobel prize winner, some countries that were bombed (mostly drone attacks) during his term:
I remember his presidential campaign, so many promises of "peace".

During his term NATO expansion continued, Ukraine was turned in to a hell hole, cold war has resurrected, global arms race, is once again, a reality.
To be fair to him these are not all his faults.
He had a little help from his friends overseas.
Lets turn to economics: NAFTA is going along just fine, bailout of those who created a global financial crisis was a marvellous move (free market economy anyone), income inequality is old news.

To anyone reading this answer: please don't take my word for any of this.
Do your own research.
The reason why I wrote this answer: While reading the answers to this question one gets a feeling that most of US citizens are delusional.
Most see Obama as a great president.
Others (who disagree) are usually called "right wing" (they would be characterized as "ultra far righ" in European terms).
It seems that very few have any moral issues with killings of innocent, complete disregard of international law, continuation of neoliberal policies etc.
Are Quora users a perfect example of the "Herd of independent minds"? I would like to hear some voices of dissent.

The definition of good president is not really to be linked to approval rating these days especially when US is most divided about political opinion than it ever was before.
So, 50- 55% seems to be a really big deal now.
Considering that, he did quite well.

Barack Obama is one of the most successful presidents in the recent times.
Taking up presidency after Bush when the economy was in complete free fall, his policies have helped it and have managed to put the country back on track.

Here are some things that Obama will be remembered for
President Obama certainly did a lot of things for the betterment of United States and the World.
Despite having a republican controlled congress, who are vehemently against every thing he wanted to do, he still managed to get several things done.

So, Yes.
He has been a good president.
He has been a great president.

For more you can watch this video.

Actually I do.

I do not think he was one of our greatest presidents, because to me he was both too timid and too ill-liberal to be a great one.
IMO he does, however, rank in the top 15.
Above Ronald Reagan who was, IMO, a more influential President, but nowhere near as good a President.

My primary points of disagreement with President Obama are:
There were more, but these are IMO his worst ones.

That said, every day of his two terms Obama confronted truly unrelenting, and almost always irrational and dishonorable resistance to his every policy initiative or even expressions of support for bill introduced and sponsored by Republicans.

Even crippled as it was, the passage of the Affordable Care Act under such circumstances, is a substantial achievement that has significantly improved the health of many millions of Americans.
Ironically it appears to me to have been most beneficial to the segments of the population who most strongly opposed its passage and who will suffer most from the sabotage being done to it by the current Congress and administration.

Despite that resistance that attempted to weaken, undermine, and sabotage his every effort, he did manage to save the US Economy (which when he came into office was destroying roughly 600,000 jobs a month) by overseeing the creation of 10.
3 million jobs in eight years.

That he was, in the face of unrelenting political obstruction and constant dishonest and vitriolic personal attacks on himself, his wife, and even, occasionally, on his children, able to remain a dignified, elegant, reasonable, and even cheerful representative and symbol of what is best about the United States of America is certainly a substantial achievement.

That he was also able to rebuild the USA’s shattered reputation in the World (even though the current President has completely undone that achievement), while being subjected to such attack, was nothing short of astonishing.

If you take America in 2000 and look at it in 2008, you'd have to call George W.
Bush one of the worst Presidents in American history.
  I'd argue that he was worse than Buchanan or Hoover because they proved incapable of handling crisis handed to them.
  Bush's wounds were entirely self-inflicted.

Now take the 2008 to 2016 approach, and you will see a nation far better off.
  We are no longer at war in 2 countries with no end in sight.
  Osama bin Laden is dead and buried.
  Unemployment has fallen to 5%, the threshold for full employment.
  We've had steady grown for 6 1/2 years, pulling out from the Bush freefall.
Gas is at $2 a gallon, well below Romney's promise of $3 gas.
  Inflation is negligible.
  The US deficits continue to shrink from the disastrous recessionary levels.
  The outlook for 2016 looks like more of the same, with unemployment continuing to fall into tight market levels.
GDP Growth to Improve Despite Strong Dollar's Drag
Obama's main achievement, ACA, has reduced the ranks of the uninsured to historic levels.
  Medical inflation has abated from far below the levels seen under Bush.

Gay marriage is now the law of the land with full Federal recognition.
  Support for gay marriage tops 61%, making it a near consensus for most Americans.

Are things perfect? Absolutely not.
  We are still failing to address climate change, gun violence is horrific, racism is rampant, college education is becoming a luxury item, income inequality is at Gilded Age levels, etc.
  That said, I don't see a Republican proposal that would do anything but make these far worse.

i am a conservative, Christian, gun-owning, Republican.
i did not vote for Mr.
Obama nor did i like him because of his ultra-liberal views and policies.
however, let me take a stab at why millions of Americans do like him.
first, obviously, Mr.
Obama was the first “black” President in U.
that accomplishment cannot be overstated.
America has a LONG history of racism and unequal treatment of blacks.
this country has made HUGE advances in correcting these injustices – but there is much more that could be done.
having a “black President” was no doubt the “proudest” moment in all the lives of African-Americans in this country.
second, Mr.
Obama was/is a charming and “generally” “classy” guy.
he is a “consummate politician” who speaks well, acts in a dignified manner and comes across as a “likable” person.
third, Obama was/is a great “role model” for African-American marriages and families.
i know of no credible negative information about his marriage or the way he raised his kids.
Obama continues to be the “only” “superstar” the Democratic Party has.
his “fame” and support is fading somewhat but he is still “number one” on every Democrats list of “people i’d like to meet.
” fourth – Obama initiated and passed a LOT of “Liberal” legislation that “the Left” loves.
the “gays” love Obama, “pro-abortion” folks love Obama, “transsexuals” love Obama, “anti-gun” folks love Obama – pretty much, if you are a “left-winger” – you love Obama.
just to put this in perspective, some 63 MILLION Americans voted for Hilliary Clinton.
you can take it to the bank that EVERY ONE of those voters “love” Obama.

Yes, the greatest in generations.

All the pieces are there.

Big challenges.
Big legislative accomplishments.
Big economic accomplishments.
Big foreign policy accomplishments.
Big domestic reforms.
Big diplomatic achievements.
Big civil rights progress.

No big screw ups.
No foreign quagmires.
No corruption.
No scandals of any note.

His legislative accomplishments rival LBJ’s, but without the stain of Vietnam.

He may be the greatest to serve since FDR, who served 64 years earlier.

If you mean “great” in the narrowest sense, the way historians refer to “the greats,” then no, because that’s just Lincoln, FDR, and Washington, and he’s not going to displace any of them.
But if we’re not tied to that super narrow definition, then it’s back to yes.

The 20th century had some well-regarded presidents, so to say he’s the greatest in generations makes him pretty great.
In my opinion he easily beats the other two 21st century presidents to date, and surpasses all those of the latter half of the 20th century.

Admittedly, Eisenhower and Truman are tougher comparisons, and scholars currently rank those two ahead of him, but I’d give Obama the edge in my own estimation.
So, that takes us back to FDR.

For the record, in the most recent poll, presidential scholars rank Obama at #8.

I’ve written variations of this answer before at different points in time, with different levels of detail and angles of approach, so I’ll end this one here and simply refer you to those for further discussion.

President Obama has been a transformative president: theres been alot of change; He shook up the status quo, that's why Trump has emerged!
    Time will tell: Our nation was in big trouble when he stepped in.
There's been a lot of healing going on from extensive wars to a rocky economy.
According to some our nation will be bankrupt in thirty years if the 30 to 200 hundred trillion debt is not confronted, but Obama has almost erased the budget deficit.

        If you look at the numbers Obama has been very successful, and the US will not be jumping into any wars under Obama.
That's a major change, Obama is much wiser than his predecessors! If you're smart you could become a billionaire  under Obama.
We have hundreds of billionaires now!
          If you're a white male over thirty you might be a very unhappy camper, but if you're under or over 30 and non white you're much happier than the last few decades:
           If Hillary wins that vindicates Obama and she looks good to prevail over the angry GOP candidates! Obama may go down as a great president with one whole year left! But if you look at the electorate most people are happy except for white males over thirty! White males over forty especially hate Obama! Why? I guess because he's black and quite bright, and has a wicked sense of humor: thats my guess!

It's amazing to see answers here and elsewhere that would lead you to the conclusion that he's either the worst president in history or one of the greatest.
What does that say about US?
First, presidents are given far too much credit and blame for things over which they have limited control – the debt, for example.
Congress controls spending and taxation for the most part, so putting this entirely on a president is simply ignorant.

Presidents have much more influence on foreign policy.
At the end of the day, it is a president's job to LEAD.
To do so, he must present ideas that are productive, move us in a constructive direction and enroll those from the opposite side of the aisle in doing so.

To that extent, most of the presidents we've had recently have been charismatic and committed enough to lead, even if I don't agree with the direction.
Reagan, Clinton and Bush II were certainly effective, passionate leaders, even if many of us didn’t necessarily agree with where they were leading us.
Jimmy Carter was more fiscally conservative than people give him credit for and both he and George H.
Bush walked into very bad situations and didn't recover from them.

Now the question of Obama and the country we are in, more divided than ever before.
His proponents will argue that he has faced a racist opposition that committed to undermine anything he tried to do.
His critics say it's because of his policies and his attitude? Which is true?
They say every action results in an equal and opposite reaction but I now believe we're dealing in growing overreactions.
Obama has a very different attitude about what most of us want in a leader and there is much documentation that he's not liked within his own party because he and his advisors don't much care what anyone else thinks.
Unfortunately, they have to support him because the alternative is going along with the party of "no.
Bipartisanship isn't always a good thing – there are times when a line needs to be drawn in the sand; however, history seems to show that we don't have to be enemies just because we are political opponents.
This is certainly true of Reagan and Clinton, both of whom managed to come to terms with the other party regarding legislation.

Obama is a different animal.
Vehemently defended by those who seem desperate to preserve the legacy of America's first black president, there is a lot that is overlooked along with the usual partisan rhetoric of blaming the recession on Bush and a giving credit for a somewhat slow and limp recovery on Obama.
He has been behind many things that most liberals would seem to object to such as increasing the War on Drugs, drone strikes and increased deportations – yet because there is so much criticism from the right (much of it warranted but some hyperbolic), criticism from the left is almost as late-coming as it has been for Hillary Clinton.

At the end of the day, I think Obama has been a poor leader.
I can support some of his work, such as normalizing relations with Cuba, and I certainly don't think he's "destroyed the country" as some would claim, but I get the feeling (as many have suggested) that he is less interested in America setting an example as the most powerful country on earth as opposed to stepping us down a notch and taking a more conciliatory role on the world stage.
From a military intervention standpoint I might agree but not through mealy-mouthed pseudo-diplomacy and moreover, that doesn't mean drawing red line and then not following through.
Strong leadership doesn't have to be absolutist but honestly, I have a hard time determining what he really thinks about anything or what he's truly committed to other than climate change and blaming criticism on the GOP and Fox News.

It's important to remember Ralph Nader (not Fox) called him the biggest con man to ever inhabit the Oval Office, and that's saying a lot.
When you are not trusted within your own party as well as being ostracized by the opposition and you aren't able to enroll any of them other than because they can't stomach the alternative, it does indeed make effective legislation difficult.

I consider President Obama to be a good/solid President.
I would say that he’s probably the most likable President of the last fifty years or so.

When President (then a Senator) came onto the scene in 2007 with his candidacy for President, I’ll admit, I did not immediately believe that he had a real shot to win the Presidency.
I thought he was too inexperienced.
And yeah, I thought that even a man of his remarkable charisma would not be able to win over enough white voters to win himself the White House a year and several months later.

But I was proven to be incorrect.

President Obama’s Accomplishments

His opponents eventually defeated him, and are now trying to undo all the good he did.
They are disgracing themselves in the process, especially in their support for an outright criminal in the Oval Office.
But it’s not just the contrast between Obama and Trump that shows Obama in a good light.
He looks great compared to Clinton, Carter, and Kennedy, although he’s still not up to the level of Johnson and FDR.

That would depend on how you define “good.

If good is equated with telling the truth then, no, he has not been good.

With his presidency coming to a close, here’s a look at 10 of Obama’s biggest whoppers, listed in chronological order.
All of these earned Four Pinocchios, of course, but they also landed on our annual list of the biggest Pinocchios of the year.

To keep it simple, we have shortened the quotes in the headlines.
To read the full column, click on the link embedded in the quote.

“More young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America”
This was a 2007 campaign claim by Obama, then a senator, that was wildly off the mark.
In reality, there are five times more black men enrolled in colleges and universities than young black men in federal and state prisons — and two and half times the total number incarcerated (including local jails).
Even if you expanded the age group to include African American males up to 30 or 35, the college attendees would still outnumber the prisoners.

“We signed into law the biggest middle-class tax cut in history”
This 2011 claim was not based on a dollar figure but on dubious math — that supposedly 95 percent of working families received some kind of tax cut under the Making Work Pay provision in Obama’s stimulus bill.
John F.
Kennedy actually wins the prize for biggest tax cut, at least in the last half-century.
By the same measure, the income tax provisions of George W.
Bush tax cuts were more than twice as large as Obama’s tax cut over the same three-year time span.
(While a large portion of Bush’s tax cut went to the wealthy, it also benefited the working poor.
“90 percent of the budget deficit is due to George W.
Bush’s policies”

During the 2012 campaign, Obama repeatedly reminded voters that he became president during a grim economic crisis.
But he went too far when he claimed that only 10 percent of the federal deficit was due to his own policies.
About half of the deficit stemmed from the recession and forecasting errors, but a large chunk (44 percent in 2011) were the result of Obama’s actions.
At another point, Obama also falsely suggested that the Bush tax cuts led to the Great Recession.

“If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it”
This memorable promise by Obama backfired on him in 2013 when the Affordable Care Act went into effect and at least 2 million Americans started receiving cancellation notices.
As we explained, part of the reason for so many cancellations is because of an unusually early (March 23, 2010) cutoff date for grandfathering plans — and because of tight regulations written by the administration.
So the uproar could be pinned directly on the administration’s own actions.

“The Capitol Hill janitors just got a pay cut”
President Obama offered an evocative image at a 2013 news conference when the sequester spending cuts struck the federal budget — janitors sweeping the empty halls of the Capitol, laboring for less pay.
But it turned out that he was completely wrong.
Janitorial staff did not face a pay cut — and Capitol Hill administrative officials even issued a statement saying the president’s remarks were “not true.
” Then the White House tried to argue that janitors at least faced a loss of overtime.
That was not correct either.
The episode was emblematic of the administration’s overheated rhetoric during the sequester debate.

“The day after Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism”
Obama did refer to an “act of terror” in the immediate aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi attacks, but in vague terms, wrapped in a patriotic fervor.
He never affirmatively stated that the American ambassador died because of an “act of terror.
” Then, over a period of two weeks, given three opportunities in interviews to affirmatively agree that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack, the president obfuscated or ducked the question.
So this was a case of taking revisionist history too far for political reasons.

“I didn’t call the Islamic State a ‘JV’ team”
In 2014, Obama repeated a claim, crafted by the White House communications team, that he was not “specifically” referring to the Islamic State terror group when he dismissed the militants who had taken over Fallujah as a “JV squad.
” But The Fact Checker obtained the previously unreleased transcript of the president’s interview with the New Yorker, and it’s clear that’s who the president was referencing.

“Republicans have filibustered 500 pieces of legislation”
Obama, a former senator, got quite a few things wrong in this 2014 claim.
He spoke of legislation that would help the middle class, but he was counting cloture votes that mostly involved judicial and executive branch nominations.
Moreover, he counted all the way back to 2007, meaning he even included votes in which he, as senator, voted against ending debate — the very thing he decried in his remarks.
At best, he could claim the Republicans had blocked about 50 bills, meaning he was off by a factor of 10.

“The Keystone pipeline is for oil that bypasses the United States”
Long before Obama killed the Keystone pipeline project in 2015, he made a number of dubious claims about it, including that the pipeline would have no benefit for American producers at all.
But the crude oil would have traveled to the Gulf Coast, where it would be refined into products such as motor gasoline and diesel fuel; the State Department said odds were low that all would be exported.
Also, about 12 percent of the pipeline’s capacity had been set aside for crude from North Dakota and Montana.

“We have fired a whole bunch of people who are in charge of these [VA] facilities”
Obama in 2016 misled the public about the number of people held accountable for the 2014 scandal over manipulated wait-time data at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which contributed to patient deaths.
Congress responded by passing a law that sped up disciplinary actions for senior executive service employees.
But when Obama made his statement in September, only one senior executive had been removed for a case involving wait time (though the actual firing was for an ethics violation).

It’s hard to evaluate presidents these days now with Trump.
On the other hand Obama was coronated because of his awesome potential.
“Potential” simply because he had no qualifications or experience.
And yet he was given a Nobel Prize for what he “would do.

And in the end what he did was jack shit.
Liberals tripped over themselves saying how he was a transcending figure.
That he was the only one who could work with Republicans.
And when he got in office to the shock of his disciples he didn’t have the skills to do anything.
Yeah Republicans were obstructionist.
Well no shit.
That fact wasn’t a mystery to anyone with any sense.
That’s what they do.

Obama was a decent person albeit a little too enamamored with his own greatness.
But he was a mediocre president.
His only legislative accomplishment was Obamacare and that’s a cobbled together barely coherent plan that gave more people insurance at the involuntary expense of the people who actually had good insurance.
It was a good deal for the folks who couldn’t get their shit together enough to get insurance.
Bad for everyone else.

I thought Bill Clinton was an immoral imperfect person.
But he was a far better president than Obama.
Clinton thought he knew everything, did know everything, and more importantly knew how to get it.
Obama thought he knew everything, didn’t, and didn’t know how to accomplish anything of substance.

Obama is given sainthood today simply because the distance in humanity between him and the Orange Oompa Loompa is so vast.
But he doesn’t deserve those accolades.
Being a good man, father, and husband is not enough.
I’m all of that.
But being a good president is doing the work that needs to be done.
He didn’t do it.
And it doesn’t matter how much his still fawning disciples keep comparing him to Trump.
That’s simply not the measure.
Richard Nixon and LBJ were both loathsome human beings.
But outside Watergate for Nixon and Vietnam for LBJ they were very good presidents policy and legislative wise.
So under that kind of measure they are far ahead of dignified, moral do nothing Obama.

According to political historians ,Obama is ranked any where from the 8th to the 12th best president all- time.

A panel of 170 presidential politics experts considers Trump the worst president in history, according to rankings published by the New York Times.
Obama is 8th, with Lincoln, Washington and Franklin Roosevelt holding the top three spots.
The same experts ranked Buchanan last and Obama 18th in 2014
Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll
With those endorsements by political analyst I would have to say YES, Obama was a very good president !
Furthermore in a public poll , Obama was voted the best president in most people’s lifetime….
Poll: Americans Name Obama Among the Best Presidents in Their Lifetime
A new survey found that Americans think former President Barack Obama was the best or second best president in their lifetime.

I personally appreciate the following benefits derived from his terms in office as a Black person:
1)He got us out of a recession
2) He lowered unemployment to less than 5% and lowered Black unemployment to a 20 yr low.

3 He brought a record number of new jobs to the USA
4) He provided us with a healthcare system that included preexisting problems.

5) He signed a bill that gave 1.
25 billion in reparations to Black farmers.
Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.
25B in Reparations
| Newsmax.

Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.
25B in Reparations

Feb 21, 2010 .
Black farmers – possibly over 70000 of them – will get cash payments and debt relief from the federal government totaling $1.
25 billion, .

6) He got Osama Bin Laden, something the previous 2 administrations were unable to achieve.

7) He released a record number of prisoners serving time for non violent petty drug charges, caught in the ridiculous war on drugs effort that penalized many people with unjust long sentences (mostly Black) for small amounts of illegal substances.

8) He signed a bill giving increased aid to HBCUs
9) He was a tremendous source of pride for Black people with his fortitude and ability to get things done against one of the most hostile cabinets since Lincoln.

10) He opened the doors for future Black presidents with his integrity and his wonderful family.

Many Black people wanted him to do more about the many seemingly unjust deaths of Black people at the hands of police and the contaminated water in Flint Michigan.
But was unaware that the Federal Gov has no jurisdiction over state, county and local police.
And can only provide aid to states that ask for it

Obviously, the answer to that question is highly subjective.
  I will explain why I think he has been successful.
  When Obama took office, there were several issues that I wanted the new president to address.
  Obviously, the first was the economy.
  I had recently lost my job due to no fault of my own, and the nation was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs per month.
  The private sector will have added over a million jobs by the end of this month in 2016 alone.
  I realize 5% unemployment is still way too high if you’re part of the 5%, but it’s a damn sight better than 10+.
  Second for me are fiscal issues.
  I believed that GWB leaving behind a $1.
1 trillion deficit was bad after being handed a surplus.
  Obama promised that he would cut the deficit(but alas, not the debt).
  The ($400 billion) deficit is still too big for my taste, but he did keep his promise and it’s moving in the right direction.
Third, was the middle east.
  I remain convinced that even though democracy is the best form of government – it can never be imposed on people who don’t want it.
  Obama was able to defeat al Qaeda, which was replaced by ISIS.
  The middle east isn’t any safer, but isn’t less safe either.
  A push at best.
Finally, is energy policy.
  Obama has pursued a truly all of the above policy on energy.
  Obviously he has been a big supporter of green energy.
On top of that, we have increased domestic production of oil and natural gas to the point where for the first time in my life (38 years) we are exporting fossil fuels from the lower 48 and building nuclear power plants.

I think the main reason I consider Obama a success, is because he helped me when I needed it.
  I lost my job in the summer of 08 due to high gas prices (not my performance).
  I spent months looking for a new job until I realized that I wasn’t going to get one anytime soon.
  I decided to get a master’s degree to increase my marketability.
  The only problem was that due to the recession, the market for student loans had collapsed.
  The standards hadn’t increased – they were gone.
  I would ask banks for a student loan and they’d tell me no before they even asked my name.
  Obama had SLMA (sallie mae) step in to replace banks when the market dried up.
The tea party had just recently started and they said it was better for me not to get a loan than to get a government loan.
  Two years later I graduated from U of Florida with an MBA.
  No one gets an MBA to stay in Gainesville, FL.
  I had the chance to move to a new job out of state that paid well, but I had to sell a house in FL.
No one was buying or selling houses in north FL in 2011 – even though I had never missed a mortgage payment over 10 years.
  The HAFA program started by the Obama administration was the difference between me being a financial analyst with a 90K job in OR or a bookkeeper with a 40K job in FL.
  I believe that being an American means you work your tail off, you get more experience or education, and you get paid more money for your work.
  Actions undertaken by Obama (and his administration) allowed me to realize that dream.
  Today, I am paying thousands of dollars more in federal taxes every year because the gov’t gave me a hand up when tea party considered me a moocher.

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