Has anyone written a poem for you If yes then can you share

Has anyone written a poem for you? If yes, then can you share?

A Big Yes.

I love reading and writing poetry.
I get an ear to ear smile when I read something written for “me”.

My best friend wrote 2 poems for me on my last birthday and presented those along with some other birthday gifts.

The first one-
I always thought of something for you that I could write…
And whenever I tried, words took an audacious flight….

I wonder how long our bond had been,
The colors of our friendship, yet fresh and clean…
With time, it grew more and more stronger​,
The unsaid promises​ would always last longer…
For only you can evade me from all my pains…
Love and togetherness are soothing gains…
You are the one I can always count on,
And when I turn irresponsible,
You are my only Don… 😀
The other one-
Very seldom you find people you can trust.

For some are meant to invade the core,
While some experience the crust.

For me, you are the one, who invaded the core.

And captured the crust.

For me to survive, your presence is MUST!!!
So please….
always stay with me.

No matter what.
:) :) :)
Here's the pic of those precious words:

I was going to say yes, once, but then I started thinking about it and realized friends, family, boyfriends and one total stranger have written poems for me at various times in my life.
I don’t think I am so horrendously special, I just know and love a lot of writers.

When I was a baby, my oldest brother wrote me a story with pictures about a possum named Virgil who lived in an old Maytag washing machine.

My teenaged sister wrote a poem for me when I was 5 that included the unforgettable line, ‘Katie Kate, Katie Kate really hates the sluggy bait.
” It’s true, I did hate slug bait, but then I think most people do.
She also wrote me a beautiful song when I was in college and thought nobody was ever going to love me.
She’s a very good sister.

A boy in high school wrote me the best valentine ever on an upside-down heart pasted onto black construction paper.
It rhymed and was mostly about my tendency to take the opposite position from whatever seemed popular.
I didn’t do anything in response to this, and have no memory as to why I didn’t.
He was cute, funny, smart and super perceptive.
I think maybe I was a little spooked by him.

A guy I went to college with wrote me this strange hyper-romantic stream of consciousness thing entirely in italics, ironically on the back of an epitaph rubbing given to him by another girl, who later became one of my best friends when we realized he’d been two-timing us both.

That same year, I decided to secretly admire a handsome librarian by writing him sonnets, leaving them in various books around the library and giving the call numbers to the reference librarian, who was my accomplice.
He left me poems in the same books.

The total stranger was the best friend of a truly awful guy I dated in college.
Apparently, he was awful to the friend too, because the song he wrote was all about why he didn’t want to be friends anymore.
The first verse is about the sheer, opportunistic yuckiness of the guy’s behavior with me (and probably other girls like me).
It was like being goosed by a ghost.
On the one hand, it was satisfying to hear someone knock down to a few unsparing sentences what was so awful about that guy’s behavior toward women.
On the other hand, it was a humiliating reminder of how little self respect I once had.

Looking this over, I’m thinking venting one’s feelings through poetry is something that tapers off with age.
I am pretty sure no one has written me a poem in the last 20 years.
Then again, I haven’t written poems for anyone myself, so I can’t complain.

This lovely day I was reading through my best friends (Michael) letters and poetry written to me over the years.
Whom I've been blessed to know for 25 years.
He is 20 plus years older than me too afraid to fly so we don’t get to see each other like we did when I lived in Perth, Australia.
10,000 miles apart.

(Michael and Me in 1999 at his Apartment in Doubleview, Western Australia)
He's got the biggest heart and has loved me since the day we met at a party.
He's okay with me sharing his writing I believe is just so beautiful.
I am going to copy this to him.
I have a photo of him when he was 20 in 1972 before I was born and he is so good looking.
If I had met him and I was 20 in 1972 I would probably have fallen in love with him because his heart is so beautiful.

Following is one of his many letters and a poem he wrote about me.
And if anyone wants to get to the heart of a person take some lessons from this guy he is just amazing and I love him dearly.

My Dearest Genyfer,
You are one of the most Beautiful women God has ever created.
Created both physically and spiritually in every way.
I miss you terribly and I love you with all my heart, soul and spirit.
You are so beautiful you put the angels to shame.
My prayers have been answered I am so very proud of you my precious girl.
I have never seen the Holy Spirit shining so beautifully in your eyes.
You have worked very hard, kept your faith and belief in yourself.
You deserve every success and all the desires of your heart.
All Gods promises are yours to enjoy my love.
Not seeing you in the flesh in person is terrible.
I miss you so very much my precious.
Please call me I want to hear your voice I have been trying to ring you.
You are in my prayers forever.
I will never stop loving you.
You are beautiful and stunning my sugar.
Love always, your Michael.

He has written many poems this one is:
I Believe (August 1998 by M.
I believe in Christmas Day and families around the tree.
Midnight snacks and teddy bears and lots of toys for me.
I believe the mind of Christ and all he says to do.
I believe in birthday cakes and I believe in you.

I believe in hugs and kisses, sunshine and the rain.
I believe that our dear lord is coming back again.
I believe you will be blessed in everything you do.
But most of all I tell you Gen, I believe in you.

I believe if you work hard you will enjoy your life.
And you will meet a special man and you will be his wife.
I believe that all the stars, the moon and yes the sun.
His hand on you the grace of God has just begun.

I believe if you kissed me I’d never be the same.
My head would be in such a spin I’d soon forget my name.
I believe you are the music, all the lyrics to.
But most of all my precious love, I believe in you.

I believe you are a mystery, always a surprise.
I can see the beauty and joy shining in your eyes.
I believe we will never part Genyfer my friend.
If my poem touches you it’s just the love I send.

I Love you too my dearest friend, Michael.

I consider the poetry in the Holy Bible as being written for me.
It was meant to help me in my journey with God.
It isn't just poetry, because it includes prophecy.
It's the same with hymn writers who help me understand Christmas and Easter.
It's the same with Happy Birthday to YOU! It's the same with pop songs that literally made my day.

Whatever poetry that could apply to me, was written for me.
It's why I write for me.
and for others.
Not just the ones like me, or who say they like me, or who tell me they love me.
So here's a brand new poem for ANONYMOUS!

My word, you really write a lot!
Your rhymes shared everywhere!
And you can write for any plot,
As if your soul to bear.

How many times did you help me?
I truly can't recall,
Yet I applaud your poetry,
It's like a miracle!
Yes, it's nice to know you're humble
And private in a way,
For you're much less prone to stumble,
Through pride, that leads astray.

So more power to your pencil,
More power to your pen,
So that more pages you can fill
With poems now and then.

While all of us can't be like you,
Whoever you may be,
To your own self, you must be true,
Walk tall with dignity.

Because you've changed the world with prose,
You've shed your light abroad
And though your name God only knows,
Sometimes you've served the Lord!
Denis Martindale 17th of April 2016.


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