Do you still write letters

Do you still write letters?

in this era of digital technology, people have almost forgot to write with their hands….

As he lay there, glittering,
Untouched since years.

The laptop passed a nasty smile
And he broke down to tears.


As the fingers ran on the keyboard,
He stared in desperation and gloom.

And glanced at himself.
his cover shined.

But, none could save him from meeting his doom.


The notebook, his constant companion…
Lay under a pile of dust.

They shared a congenial look of despair
And, looked away to “rust”.


The so – called ‘advanced’ digital era
Had given them a lot of pain.

The pen, burning with rage and envy,
Considered the lappy .
the biggest bane.


But, having faith in kindness,
He had a ray of hope in his mind.

Just then, a girl reached out to them
And their destinies shined.


Exuberance in her eyes,
Satisfaction and enthusiasm in her look,
She thought of something…
To scribble down in HER notebook

In the era of Whatsapp and e-mails,
She decided to WRITE,
And adorn the sheets with her beautiful handwriting.

Which was a rather unusual sight.


Happily, clutching it tightly,
She ran to her Mum,
To show her, the creation.

That left her awesruck and numb!!



This was the little creation, this poem.

And, the girl.
none but me.

Who aspires to WRITE and become a writer,
So that, NO pen and paper remain in agony.


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Aditi Rai
PS – This poem is self – written.

I do.

In fact, I just got a new pen pal for the first time in years.
She posted a call for a pen pal on her blog, and I answered.
We've been writing to each other for about two weeks now.
We're just a couple of strangers slowly getting to know each other through handwritten words on pretty paper.

I've always felt more confident expressing myself through writing than through speaking, so letters are one of my favorite forms of communication.

When I was in my teens and early 20’s, my best friend and I used to converse mostly through hand-delivered letters.

My first boyfriend and I got to know each other through letters.
We eventually started writing a fantasy story together.
He wrote his part in a letter, then I wrote my part.
Back and forth it went.

The last letter I wrote before meeting my new pen pal was to a woman I knew from my old church.
When I was a teenager, she made a huge impact in my life, so I wrote to her a couple years ago to let her know how much she and her guidance meant to me.

She used to write to me when I was away at camp.
I loved getting her letters because she always stuffed the envelopes with little pieces of confetti or plastic trinkets.
I had saved all those envelopes and their contents, so I put a handful of tiny hearts in that first letter.
We wrote back and forth to each other for about a year.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I owe her another letter.

Writing a letter is the only reason that my father and I have been in contact for the last month, even though we’d never spoken before that in our lives.

My father has been absent all of my life, as something happened (which I don’t know about) which caused him to leave back when my mother was pregnant with me.
She’s always been pretty open and has never lied about anything to me, but always said that I had to be 16 before I could attempt to contact him myself.

Roll onto June 2016 (a few weeks before my 16th birthday) and I managed to find my half-brother (his side) on Facebook.
After a little searching I managed to find my dad’s account.

While his account was public he didn’t have any contact details on it (and I didn’t want to message him on Facebook directly).
However, he did have his workplace, which was in a school.

I left this for a few months as I had finished school in late June and started College.
However, I decided in November that I would try and contact him.

So I wrote him a letter and sent it to the school.

While I sent the letter on November 29th 2016, I still hadn’t heard from him by the New Year so began to give up.
However, it wasn’t because he didn’t intend to respond, it was because he didn’t actually get given it until January 10th 2017.
I included my Facebook account and he sent me a message on January 12th saying while he didn’t want to meet straight away, he would like to make contact via Facebook and we’re still messaging each other about 4 or 5 times a week.

So, while we talk on Facebook now, the only reason we’re in contact is because I wrote a letter to him.

Other than that, I write letters to my 5 or 6 pen pals around the world as well.


I had Pen friends during school college around my country and abroad.
My pocket money used to end because of buying postal ticket.
And postmen were aware about little girl in their small city ,waits each day in a week for different friend’s letter on her balcony.
Seeing that my fathet specially fix one big letter box out of my balcony grilled door.

Still i write.
Even they are no more in contact .
Time and events has changed in different way.
I miss them .
Now i write letter in my diary or in writing .
In internet people do not have time other than an emoji or one line quote.
So my letter writing is still alive but slowing down also.
I wished i could write love letter or a letter to pen pals without worrying about likes or dislike on Facebook ! Letter has a big place in life ,then beautiful envelopes, then looking for postman everyday…! Yes i miss.

So i write to myself every solo time.

Thank you for this question.


I would not mind writing letters, but in today's time, more often than not, the recipients would.

In any case, i guess we would consider writing letters to people close to us and then too, if we have something significant to share ( such as dad/mom passing on advice to their away-from-home children or man-woman expressing their emotions ; writing e-mails in such cases would not be as weighty or charming ).

That said, i guess being an old-school person, i have a tendency to write my emails like letters as well.


Hari om,you are asking a question as to : “ Do you still write letters in this digital era? “ .
Hari om.

When I was in office, to keep the information on record, I was writing letters.
But, after retirement, there is generally no need to write any letters.
I convey now through email, what I was conveying earlier in the form of letters.

There are other means of carrying our interactions these days among various other parties – like SMS ,, WHAT'S APP, etc.
So, letter writing has almost became negligible, except in the case of official correspondence.

Hari om.
Hari om.

Letter writing is such a beautiful thing to do for your loved ones AND even for yourself.
I have been living abroad for a while now and handwriting postcards and letters for my friends and families makes them so happy.
It builds a bond when life gets busy and a phone call feels overwhelming.

This article talks about how letter writing helped them solidify friendships as well.
I’ve honestly also used it when wanting to be completely honest with my feelings towards someone, whether they be romantic or upset.
There’s something about writing it out that makes it feel like it’s no longer sitting and brewing inside of me.

Yes! I have beautiful handwriting.

The act of writing a letter is really an art form.
There is something special about putting pen to paper, saying what you need to say and sending the letter to the recipient.
I feel that writing a letter has more feeling behind it than a text or an email.

Yes, I still write letters.

Obviously not anything like they did previously.
This is an opportunity.
If there is someone I want to make a special impression on, I write a very nice letter in appearance and meaning.
This can be romantic or anything.
It is special in part because most people don’t bother.
It shows you really care about communicating this message.
So, exploit the situation.

Yes, I do write letters these days.

I write letters.

In fact I feel that's the best form of communication there is other than face to face conversation.

I hate speaking to someone over phone.
Once or twice it's fine.
But it simply kills my interest if I have to speak to someone almost daily.
I feel that it kills the interest.
Instead I would prefer writing a letter once a week because that would probably be the best way to actually convey how I feel about them.

I seldom express myself to someone face to face.
I can't do it.
But ask me to do the same through message or letter, I will be more than happy to do it.

So to answer your question,yaa I do write letters.

Yes, all the time in fact.
Long story, but I have several prison pen pals.
I'm free, they're in prison.
So yes two to three times a week, I write a letter a some incarcerated female inmate.

i don't really do that due to the Internet.
I can just contact my friends on social media or make a phone call.

In many places, due to the increase in the quality of technology, it’s considered obsolete and texting or emailing is preferred.
I only write letters when it feels appropriate, such as when someone sends one first or in formal situations, such as giving condolence after a death.
Emailing and texting is preferred for a reason, that reason being speed and convenience, but letter writing just creates that atmosphere of consideration and formality that is hard to pass up.
It wouldn’t be so traumatic if people used snail mail more.
I would like to myself.

I personally would if I had the time but now I use a cellphone app called Text A Letter where I get my letter written and sent for me for like five dollars.
It’s a really convenient and reliable source and I use them almost weekly to send letters to my loved one in bootcamp right now.
Here’s the link to the website, download the app if you’re interested.

Send Beautiful Letters Easy with Real-Art from your iPhone – Starting at $5


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