Do you like yourself

Do you like yourself?

First I have to mention that I am 61.
It took me a long time to really love myself.
But now I do.

I don’t love myself everyday, of course.
Or more correct, the love is under the surface, and when the going gets tough I even now think that bitch Elfrid is a really annoying person.
As in all others relationships, not all glory.

To the last part of the question; Why do you love yourself?
Because I deserve it.
(As the advertising guys use to say.
I have always dealed with the feeling of never being good “enough”.
When it comes to school and my jobs I have always felt I did a good enough job.
My spot in life to gain confidence.

Then when it comes to housekeeping, my spouse and children, the rest of my family and my friends I never got that feeling of doing a good enough “job”.

BUT I DID! I just didn’t realise it back then.
I did always the best I could, with the energy and the skills I had at that point of my life.
What else could I have done?!
So I love myself because of that little girl I were, that young woman I were and that middle aged woman I am who all struggled so much to be the “good person” to all persons around me.
Of course I couldn’t, not to all of them at the same time.
I have never been Super Woman.

I am so happy for myself that I at last found peace with the person I am.
I eventually discovered the truth behind the words “You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first!”.

That truth is not complete though.
I loved others, so my energy faded away before I came as long as to start loving myself.
Now, eventually, I have found a more balanced way of loving others AND myself.

Congratulation Elfrid! <3

No I don't, it's a struggle.

I'm not good enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm so short, why is my face long? He doesn't love me because I have stretch marks.
It's my fault he can't be with me since I'm not pretty, and he likes them tall but I'm short.

Mom wondered why I purged whenever I visited, she thought it was the change in environment, she had no idea I secretly took laxatives to flush the food out.
Sometimes it won't work so I would help myself gag and throw up.
I had to be thin.
I'd gorge myself only to throw it all up in the toilet.

Life didn't have a meaning, I wasn't where I wanted to be, I painted perfect in my brain but I wasn't even close.
I'd cry in my room for no particular reason, just seated in a corner and cry to my heart's content.

I would think about suicide and then find a reason not to do it, that there is a bit of hope somewhere only if I can find it and hold on to it.
I felt I had no one, I was alone.

I would get overwhelmed by the littlest of thing and connect it to how I want to do well but I'm inadequate.

Mistakes I made wouldn't stop hunting me down and I'd wish I did somethings differently.
I would lie to myself I didn't have a single regret.

Now I know I am enough, and I can keep trying to love myself.
That I shouldn't give up on me because that's all I have.

I now know it's okay to feel whatever I'm feeling, process it, discard it.

I know it's not my fault if someone I love doesn't love me back, it's nothing personal.

I now know I can learn and unlearn and learn again and grow.

Now I know not everything goes as planned….
and that's the best part.

Like I said, it's a struggle but I choose to keep at it.

Quora helped, Dushka's answers always hit the nail on the head, as well as many others.

Thank you all.

Im going to have to say “No” for myself.

Why myself?
I’m ugly.

I do not think, I do not assume.
I know that I am ugly; on the inside and especially on the outside.

Some people may disagree and some may even compliment me… I just can’t find anything in me to agree.
I really, really do try to though…
If someone was to say “You look nice today Mya”, I’d just say “Thank you” and move throughout my day.

But the villianous voice in my head will always say “He/she was lying, they’re just pitying you because you’re so disgusting.
They must feel bad for you.
” and I just can’t help but believe it sometimes.

I try my damnest to not be the-
Someone: “Wow you look nice today.

Me: “No Im so ugly.

Someone: “No! What do you mean? You’re so pretty.
You’re fucking beautiful.

Me: “NO.

-type of girl you know? I don’t want to be that guy.

When I look in the bathroom mirror, everyday hoping it’ll be different, what I see in the bathroom mirror; I am always faced with this ugly human being staring right back at me.
I think; “Is this me? Am I truly this?”
I then realize that it is me.
It will always be me.
Who is reflected back at me is no stranger, though I wish it were true.
It will always, always, always, be me.

The one thing that I really love about Quora, is that at any given point in time, when you tap on the app icon and your timeline loads up — you'll be able to find a question that sticks out to you.

It's so magical.
(Sometimes I wish I knew the algorithm behind this magic.
Your question was: Do I like myself right now?
Honestly, right now, I wouldn't think so.

I'm so flawed.
I just got through a really, really, tough time: being in a new place with a bunch of ‘strangers’ has proven to be more of a struggle than an adventure.

But what's ironic about all this is, even though — at this present moment — I don't really like myself, a part of me still screams out to me, saying: “I love you!”
And it's so weird.
(Double italics would probably be more appropriate in conveying how weird it truly feels.
) But it's weird — in a good way — because, as much as I don't really like myself, a part of me will always love me.

Not because I'm perfect.

Not because I haven't dared to do anything that scares me.

But because I'm alive.
I'm living, breathing, learning, and experiencing.

As much as I don't really like how I am sometimes, I'm reminded that deep down, when you really put all these imperfections and doubts aside — I'm me.
In some way, that's reassuring.

It's assuring because no matter what I've done in the past, or today, that I despise myself for, I know that it does not define who I am.
That irregardless of whatever goes on in the outside world, there's always going to be this place that will make me feel like safe; at home.

And so, even though I'm not the greatest fan of myself right now, I love me.
For who I am.

It can either make sense to you, or not make sense at all.
But personally, loving yourself, and liking who you are, are two different perspectives.

Love yourself.
Go deeper.
You are so much more than your mistakes.

Yeah, I'd say I like myself.
Well pretty much.
There was certainly a time when I didn't like myself at all.
I have spent my lifetime questioning my self worth.
For most of my 64 years I've suffered from low self esteem.
I think I am a good person.
I don't intentionally injure people, I try to help those I can, I love my friends and my family and would give my life for them.
I give what I can to those I don't even know.
Hell, I even freely give my sound (LOL) advice to people here in Quora! I've given up many bad things in my life such as drinking and doing drugs, and I'm always willing to offer my experience, strength and hope to others who may want to do the same.
Over the years, I have evolved into a person I'm pretty comfortable with, so yeah, I like myself.
There are things about myself I would like to improve.
I wish I had more resources to give away and to help others with.
I wish I had a little more self-discipline.
And I wish I could learn German faster!!! Arg! But all in all, I'm happy with me And I can live in my own skin.

For the most part yes, I do like me.
I like my drive, determination, ability to analyze things, patience in times when I am working with clients.
I like my desire to see unhappy people become happy.
Helping them and seeing them live happier lives.

I like my eyes, my skin, my legs and my lips, and my hips, my figure! I think I am very pretty and others tell me that as well.
I think I have an energy and aura that shines, even though I struggle with depression and anxiety.
I may sound like the world is coming to and end some times but it is my way of venting and aside from that most the time I am smiling.
I like to think I have a unique sense of humor.

I am an artist and a behaviorist.
I like the human condition and I think everything that is happening is a natural part of our species evolution.

I know who I am, why I am the way I am, and why I feet like I do.
I now why I am hard on myself and why I am lead to be self centered and selfish at times.
Yet I like how I can be very selfless and caring for others.

I like how I can tell some one to take a hike or tell them what to do with their cruel attitude.

But for the most part, people usually like me without me trying.
Says a lot.
Maybe because I like to be raw, tell it like I see it.
No BS.

So yes I like me as I am now!

I do.

Why is a long story.
Life has been very hard but I would not take back one second of what I have been through.
It was the toughness of it that taught me compassion and wisdom and the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a another person.

It taught me to see the many unique and varied qualities and talents that I have within me.
For a long time, like a lot of people, I couldn’t see it.
I thought I was worthless and unlovable and unwanted.

My beautiful amazing friends finally got through to me and showed me that they loved me and valued me for who I was.
It was their love that finally made me see that people can love me and appreciate me and that perhaps I wasn’t the monster I thought I was.

The breakthrough came to me one night.
I was sitting in my room crying because of something that my mother said and it suddenly hit me like a train.
With a flash of light, I suddenly thought Y’know… if a little girl came up to you and started telling you her life story and it was exactly the same as yours.
you wouldn’t blame her for the things that have happened.
You wouldn’t hate her.
You would feel compassion and think, you poor little thing.
So if you can love someone else like that and feel compassion for them, why can’t you feel that compassion for yourself?
That was when I truly started looking at myself and realized that I was actually a nice person with a good moral code and a desire to make a difference in the world.

I like me now.
In fact, I love me :) I paid a high price to be me and that makes me valuable :)
Every human being has beauty within them.
They can choose to let the events of their lives lessen them, or they can use them to make them stronger.
To fight against people who don’t value them, to make them strong enough to see that they are a unique, precious being who can make a difference to the world around them.

Whoever you are, that is reading this, you too have that power within you.
Take the pain of your life, take the rejection, take the hurt and use it as a fire to fuel your determination.
Don’t become the monster they want you to be.
You are not.
You are beautiful, you can make a difference, you can be free, you can learn to love and value yourself, just as your friends love and value you.

No, I’m comfortable with myself.
Having been wildly in love, I know that to love someone means being blind to faults and permanently distracted by the loved one.
Not a good idea if the loved one is yourself.

Why am I comfortable? Because I look after the basics, i.
the three fundamental needs that we all share.
I help the people I care about look after those needs too.

Here’s a more detailed answer if you’re interested…
What are the three fundamental needs shared by all of us?
The three are not sex, food and shelter.
They’re up there in the top ten, of course, but they cannot happen unless three even more fundamental needs are satisfied: control, connection and consistency:
This was true 20′000 years ago.
It still is today.

>>> Hardwired by evolution.

We are born with our needs for control, connection and consistency.
Evolution hardwired them into us thousands of years ago to ensure survival and reproduction, our two most demonstrable reasons for existing.
They have been driving just about everything we do, feel and think ever since.

But evolution is slow.
To the despair of sophisticated humans—and perhaps to the quiet satisfaction of robots—our brain is as hardwired for survival and reproduction today as it ever was.

>>> From physical to psychological
The main difference is that 21st-century life is no longer a physical challenge for most of us.
It’s a psychological one:
>>> Adding 21st-century challenges
These differences have added levels of complexity to our survival and reproduction instincts without appeasing them.

They have also expanded and redirected our three fundamental needs.
While control, connection and consistency still ensure sex, food and shelter, they now also drive us to:
Here’s a closer look at those three fundamental needs:
>>> Our need to feel in control
This need explains our attraction to things like knowledge, food, shelter, freedom, choice, power, possessions, contracts, insurance, mastery and safety.

But it also explains our attraction to risk taking, fortune telling and novelty, all of which are opportunities to test or improve our control.

On the other hand, losing control over our life or loss of any kind, whether real or just potential (e.
the prospect of scarcity), is something we avoid and act on.

For better or worse, helping people to increase their sense of control and/or avoid any kind of loss is an effective tactic to influence them.

Increasing a sense of control can be as simple as asking a frustrated individual to list the many tiny things over which they do actually have control or to describe their feelings and emotions in detail.

>>> Our need for connection
There is very little, above all reproduction, that we can achieve alone.

Evolution has hardwired us to assume we stand a better chance of surviving by collaborating with others, reciprocating and being sociable (watch how newborn babies instinctively attract attention, for instance).
As groups we can produce more food, build safer shelters and defend each other.

Attraction, seduction and sexual desire are among the most obvious manifestations of our need to connect.
By making them pleasurable, evolution has increased the chances that we’ll reproduce and survive.

Besides connecting with other people, we also need to feel connected to the world around us, to what we do in it, to what things mean, to who we are and to who we might become (self-actualization).
This is why emotions and stories, not facts and numbers, resonate so deeply with us.

On the other hand, isolation or exclusion, whether real or potential, are forms of disconnection we instinctively fear and may go to extremes to avoid.
They explain our reluctance to disobey authority and the darker sides of groupthink and conformity.

For better or worse, helping someone to enhance their connections and/or avoid disconnection in any form is an effective tactic to influence them.

>>> Our need for consistency
This need supports the first two.
How do we spot threats to our control and connections? How do we spot opportunities to test and improve them? By constantly checking our surroundings for breaks in the consistencies we know about.

Consciously or not, we can’t refrain from filling gaps, spotting patterns, finding or inventing explanations (scientific ones, religious ones…), drawing conclusions, identifying truths, learning things and establishing rules.
Our appetite for consistency is unlimited.

We look for consistency between:
The world might seem to be in a turmoil of change, but most of life is actually consistent.
We know from observation and learning that the same causes have the same effects and that reality in its millions of tiny details is mostly consistent with our expectations.
And it remains so from one minute, day or month to the next.

This offers a crucial advantage: anything we know to be consistent over time—or anyone consistent with our idea of ‘unthreatening’ or ‘likable’—can be safely ignored in most cases.

This in turn frees up our mind to pay attention to inconsistencies, which signal either threats to our control and connections or opportunities to improve them.

For better or worse, reassuring someone about the consistencies, big and small, in their life and/or helping them to spot inconsistencies is an effective tactic to influence them.

Be careful though: our need for consistency doesn’t only have good sides.
It can become tyrannical when it traps us into investing relentlessly in lost causes or repeatedly turning a blind eye to unacceptable behaviour.
In such cases we worry more about appearing inconsistent to others and to ourselves than doing the right thing and having the courage to say ‘no’ after a series of ‘yesses’.

>>> What about happiness?
There is little evidence that happiness is a fundamental human need.
Happiness is a possible but not guaranteed consequence of our three fundamental needs being answered.
Happiness might be desirable, of course, but it is secondary.

>>> What about the arts?
Here again there is little or no evidence to suggest that art in all its forms is a fundamental human need.
Survival and reproduction can occur without it.
But it is hugely useful to our three fundamental needs.

Generally yes.
I’m pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I’ve had a good education, I have a job that pays reasonably well without needing to work unreasonably long (great hours to pay ratio), I can speak two foreign languages, and am learning two more (my goal is to speak five foreign languages).
I’ve got good argumentation skills and I can tear you a new one if you’re ignorant and come to challenge me.
I love argument, I love debating.

People book private lessons with me so I can help them with high school level chemistry.
People need me sometimes.
That’s always awesome.

I’m good at cooking, I enjoy some knitting (I make all my own gloves and wool socks), my cat behaves like a dog, with me (he must love me), and I make people around me feel at ease (unless I’m upset, then that doesn’t work).

However, as with most things – it can always be better.
I will like myself more when I’m better at math, when I’m better at physics, when I find some place to work that feels even less like actual work and when I’ve finally got that tattoo I’ve been wanting for ages.

I am trying to develop a new style of cartoons called Bokacartoons.
Here it how looks like….

Dude,Yes!I like me the deepest.
I like me for the way I think,I like me for the way I live, for the time I utilize.
I like me for the work I do and the poems I write,and trust me I like me for the way I see every situation in a positive note.
I like myself for the open laugh I possess,for the bad songs I sing,for the jokes I crack and for the jokes that were cracked on me.
I like myself for the craft I make,I like myself for the adventurous and creative I am.
I like myself being an extrovert.

I like myself for every small reason because you are an art made of yourself.
If you don’t love yourself,Start doing so!

Alot … I think the dialogue “Main apni favorite hoon” would be best suiting here .
Infact everyone should not even like instead love themselves .
If u can’t love yourself then u can never love anyone else nor you have a right to expect the love from others .
I think one should always love themselves because the person we never want him/her to be sad , hurt or we care alot for them so if we start loving ourselves then we will end up doing all this for ourselves .
We should never compare ourself to other because no two person stay on same platform so if you will compare and you will feel yourself lower than others that will lead to disappointment and then you will hate yourself .
So just love yourself , work on enhancing self not for others but for self , give time to yourself , enjoy your own company and you will love all this and yourself too .

Thanks for giving your precious time to read my words .

I wouldn’t say I love myself.
I love existence, the mere experience of being is incredible, and I find it immensely rewarding and satisfying to have this glorious world to make a life for myself in.

However, I don’t find myself particularly incredible or worth glorifying.
I’ve done my best to become someone I can bear to look at in the mirror, and tried to do right by those around me.
I have grown a lot in the past year, and am proud of myself for that, but I try not to dwell on my successes.

I’m not miserly about my life.
After all, I’ve come so far; I used to be a single cell you know! Look at me now! But I have a lot of unfulfilled potential, merely by being a 21st century person in a prosperous country, and it’s worth me fulfilling some of that, giving something back to the world, and making the whole human experience for everyone a little less troublesome, somehow.

Whether I succeed at that remains to be seen, but either way, I’ll be happy to be loved by others around me, who’s lives I hope I’ve enriched in a small way at least, and give my own love to others, rather than focusing emotion on myself.
At best, I’m content with myself and who I am, with the understanding that I’d better make sure I make something of my life before I kick the proverbial bucket.

I’ve never even thought about this question before.
So I regard this as a good thought provoking question.

Well let’s see:
I feed and provide for myself.

I take care of myself when I am sick.

I keep my mind occupied with both profound and interesting things.

I buy myself clothes that I like.

I plan for my future.

I frequently brush my teeth and get regular teeth cleanings / exams.

It would not be unusual for me to get myself the biggest slice of the pie or buy a treat for myself on my way home from work.

I also gave myself someone to love and be loved by marrying someone to help me with my care and feeding so I have help when I need it.

I created and raised offspring to have something to enjoy in my later years that remind me of both my spouse and me.

Conclusion: I care for myself the same way as someone who likes me would care for me.
So, yes, I must like myself, as evidenced by my care.


First of all loving yourself will motivates you,energyrize you,it will make you to take great decision.

-It will helps to maintain good relations with your family member and friends
-You will be good in both physically and mentally.

-By loving yourself is like knowing about your strength and weakness,comfortness,everything about yourself.

-Some times you feel negatively or feel bad due to various problems in your life with help your self-motivation and confidence you will come out from the problem.

Love yourself,It will makes you better life and good makes you good in both physically and mentally…

The requirements for loving one's self are the same as for loving another.
I love myself because I accept my faults and know I am not perfect but I learn from experience, and grow.
I am patient with myself.

I trust myself.
I know what I will and will not do/put up with/react to.

I treat others as I wish to be treated.
Specifically, with consideration, tolerance, and kindness.

I can laugh at myself.

I see growing older as an array of opportunities and experiences.
I see beauty in laughter lines and smile lines.
I don't put pressure on myself to be 21 forever, or expect to know everything already.
I move forward.

I am comfortable by myself.
I don't feel pressured to conform, or rebel.
Likewise I won't be walked over or mistreated.
I can stand my ground, or walk away.

I have made mistakes.
We all do.
I have learnt the meaning of a heart-felt apology.

These are also the main reasons I love my boyfriend.
They are, to me, the bedrock of any love.

Let me tell you a story.

There was a guy named Jack.
He used to live a 9–5 life wherein his job was boring,his colleages were not friendly and his soulmate did not love him back.

In fact he did not even love himself .

Once day after work,he reached home and took a good hard look at himself in the mirror.
He realised that if he won’t love himself and the life around him then he would have to spend his entire life locked up in this cage of sadness.
He then decided to start loving himself and to spread that love to others
Now,you can guess what happened next.

So yea,loving onself and others is a pretty important and good thing to do.

<warning: sad answer incoming>
Honestly, not really.
But I kinda have to deal with myself every day so I guess I’m used to it.

So I’m messed up.
I’m never good enough for anything, and I don’t do anything right.
I shouldn’t even have friends, because I don’t deserve them.

I don’t deserve the life I have, I’m not worthy enough of it.
So many people around the world deserve it more than me.

The times I’ve tried telling people about my feelings I was sugar coated.
That’s just not what I want.
The last thing I want is to be told I’m amazing when in reality I suck at being a human being.


Well, I try to view the positive side of things.
If I think too much about what I just wrote, I hurt myself and that’s bad because then people would know I’m struggling with those stupid feelings.

I’m going anonymous because all I want is to write down my feelings without much attention and sugar coating.

So yeah.

I’m messed up.

Yes I do
1 I am kindly and dont hurt people gratuitously
Willing – I will do most things that I am asked
My thoughts are quite quirky and amuse me
I can amuse myself easily I am a textile artist and love just futtering around
I will have a go at a lot of things whether I can do them well or not.

I practise not judging others.

I dont interfere in others decisions
I am very bad at doing what I dont want to do (I like this )
9 I have enough confidence in my capacity to not be obnoxious about status
I love story and I immerse myself in and really get into it whether its book or film or people.

that is quite hard to do you know, I could have done better if I had asked a few people first – There is a great urge to say the opposite because of social pressure.

Of course.

The fact that I am able to train myself certain things (like make certain traits become automatic within me), generate new ideas, and interpret human behavior is nice.

I like that I don’t have to worry about my evil side interfering with my good side.
My evil side made a pact with my good side—it rarely comes out unless called.
Both my evil and good side work together.

I like how I’m always skeptical of things, even when I am called stubborn by my family for not following their advice.
Most of the time, my skeptical nature has warned me of things that had happened later on.

I love that my soul doesn’t feel lonely—I’ve never had the problem of loneliness, even when my parents try to say that I’ll feel isolated and lonely if I don’t do something.
It doesn’t affect me.

And, there are things that I don’t like about myself.
Such as my reading comprehension problem, my stubborn self when it comes to tests (I always make those silly mistakes), etc.
It’s not easy liking those parts of myself, but I think it is a great opportunity for me to learn from those parts of myself the most—to become a better version of myself through every struggle.

Of course.
Who doesn’t? Our inherent operating program is written on “self-love”.
On the other hand today, when we started realizing that we live in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world our inherent “self-love” turns out to be not so pleasant even destructive.
And the more we examine ourselves and the integral system we exist in the more we start to abhor, hate this inherent inclination since we see how much damage we cause with it to others and the whole system.

So in order to truly like, love ourselves we have to first learn how to love others, how to become selfless, unconditionally serving, integrated parts in the whole system.
then to the measure we help in the correction, perfection of the whole we will start loving ourselves in a fully justified manner.

New Life #891 – From Self Love To Love Of Others | Laitman.

Either Mutual Guarantee Or Self Love, There Is No Third Option | Laitman.

I do.

I’m weird.
I have phone phobia.

I’m insecure about my height and insecure about my insecurities.

I can never get used to kind acts from people.
I feel they don’t owe me that.

I don’t have natural grace or flow above the ground with the ease of a beauty queen.
I’m clumsy.

I don’t have the air of a smart and sophisticated person.

I still blush every time someone compliments me, no matter how recurrent a compliment is.

I don’t think people owe me love.
I don’t think people should bother with me.

But through all that, somehow, I do.

I love myself.
I love being little and unnoticeable.

I love when people think my clumsiness is “cute”.

I love that I can speak my mind clearly, screw the “smart air”.

A good friend used to say “ How do you expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself?”
I think you are the only one who owes you love, and you are the one person who shouldn’t let you down.

Do you like yourself? My answer is yes.
Yes I do like myself.
I love myself, really.

Allow me to be self-centered-to explain.
One of the things I love most about myself is my personality.
I’m very weird, and I know that.
I’m well aware.
But I love it! I am very…out there with what I’m interested in, like dead bodies and serial killers…stuff that people don’t generally talk about in the company of acquaintances or strangers.
But I do.
Also going with weird, I tend to say things before thinking, which results in very weird stuff coming out of my mouth, but it usually gets a laugh.
And that’s what I like to do.
I love getting reactions out of people.
Through just saying stuff, or talking unabashed about what I’m intrested in.
Whether I get laughter, confusion, horror…it’s great!
Another thing is that I am a good listener, and I’m wise and love to give advice.
Or simply just be there for people.
I like to listen to people’s problems, and want to be there for people, whether I know them or not.
I can’t bear to see someone going through something alone, because no one deserves that.

Because I like to listen to people, I try not to judge or shame people for certain things they believe.
This includes controversial things like homophobia, racism and sometimes weird paraphilias that people have.
Of course, I have my own opinions and beliefs, and I know that there are some things that shouldn’t be normalized in today’s society.
However, I refuse to let myself say that because someone isn’t what society wants them to be, they’re bad.
I don’t know the reasons why someone might say “I don’t like gay people.
” For all I know, they were raised that way.
Maybe they just…don’t like gay people.
And on the inside, I’m very against it, because I don’t see the point, but I also believe that there’s no way we can fully combat such controversial things and get rid of them.
So I just, don’t care all that much.
With certain topics, it’s controversial and I know that, but I’m able to connect with more people this way.

I’m can also be very chill.
I’m down to just sit with someone and listen to music, or perhaps, sit in silence.
If someone wants, we can just fuck around and be loud, It doesn’t really matter to me.

I’m very witty and sarcastic.
I personally love that I have a backbone, and can take as much as I dish out.
I enjoy bantering with people, and giving off this…I don’t give a fuck attitude.
I admire myself for it.

Besides personality, I know that I’m smart, to an extent of course.
I can be very stupid sometimes too, but I find that funny.

Now, my looks are very iffy.
However, everyone’s been self conscious about some part of themselves in some way.
I try to look at the part of myself that I think look the best, and elevate my liking to it in some way, so then it makes me feel better about my physical appearance as a whole.
This would be my eyes, my thighs, my hair, my nose and my dimples.
I’m very cute, and adorable, and I know that.
And I remind myself about it all the time, so as not to down my confidence in myself.

I also like myself based off of what other people have said.
This includes that I’m weird, would make a good therapist, I give good massages, I’m funny, I could be a stand-up comedian, I’m cool/chill, I’m unique and cannot be imitated, I’m cute, I give good hugs and also some somewhat questionable things like I’m mean/a bitch/an asshole/intimidating.
I take those as compliments though.
Because in truth, I can be very mean (only if angered) but so can a lot of people.
And I don’t see anything wrong with being a bitch/asshole/intimidating.
I like to be perseaved that way, and then when people get closer, they realize what I’m actually like and it just kinda…makes things more special.

Anyways, that’s most of the reasons why I like myself.
Of course, I have a bad side, but everyone does.
It’s normal.
These are just some reasons for my immense confidence and knowledge of who I am, and what I can be, that help me to like/love myself.

Because I am made up of stardust, meteor showers, forest fires and snowflakes.

Because I have certain scars which glow like radium in the dark.

Because you can shoot me down, but I am titanium.

Because I have endless faith in my countless dreams.

Because I keep a handful of stars in my pocket and rays of sunshine in my smile.

Because I have fought my own demons.

Because I have had heartbreaks, and now I am bulletproof.

Because I have sinned, and I am remorseful and guilty for those wrongs.

Because I have made mistakes, and still believe I can craft myself to perfection.

Because I have told pretty little lies, and now understand the value of truth.

Because I have turned the pages of captivating sagas until the wee hours of the morning, and now my imagination runs like wild horses.

Because I am the pole star- my own, personal guiding light.

Because I have flaws, and they offer me individualism.

One should always love himself/herself.

Why? let me explain you.

What is the meaning of loving someone? it means you admire that person in many ways whether it is his/her personality, mind, way of talking or several other things which are good enough to attract someone.

If you love yourself means straight forward you respect yourself and you are a self esteemed personality.
It doesn’t means you are better than anyone else no this simple feeling of loving yourself is a key of self development and polishing yourself so that you can produce a better version of yourself.

If you will read good books and may be very often you must be watching motivational videos, try to understand them they all are saying one thing very loudly that wake up polish yourself , love yourself.
motivate yourself, produce a better version of yourself.

When you start loving yourself you free yourself from being obsessed with others and you drag yourself out from the race of people who wants to show off, you become a better person who cares for everyone, loves everyone.

When you start loving yourself you become a positive person who can take better decision and has the capability to change the surrounding and can fill the spaces with love and positivity.

Love yourself, be yourself help everyone, enjoy the life at fullest : Travel Diaries

Yes I do Very !
Because I love the way I am.
So what am I, let me list it down:
I alway keep simplicity because I feel more comfortable to be.

I love the way I handle things.
If I undergo a problem I do look at it from every aspect and finally take decisions.

I am diplomatic at deal with people in a sensitive and tactful way.

After all I am a strong woman, which mostly means I am generally far more resilient, recover quickly from difficult conditions.

I am proud of my heart!
I equally do work hard and smart, I love to be more creative.

I still have time to help out people even though who doesn't have time for me in my need.
I consider this as reflection of myself.
I am happy to be.

I enjoy my own company than to be around people, who fake they do care.

I love myself why because this girl still writing answers on Quora even though most of her answers got 0 upvotes yet.
I so much love myself.
list is little longer………

I know I still have things I need to improve, but overall I am content with myself.

I have survived 2 times when doctors had to save my life, in one of those situations the people in the ambulance didn’t think I would live long enough to get to the hospital.

I have earned 2 bachelor degrees over a very long period of time, the second after a concussion that wiped my memory for 6 months.

I have a wife and her son who are very happy to be with me as I take care of them and provide a good role model for him.

I am doing an engineering job that I enjoy, in a town I enjoy.

I have a big house and 2 cats that like to be petted each day.

I am slowly developing inventions that I believe will be successful.

I get to cuddle up with my wife each night.

I have been able to stay strong and only gain a little fat.

I think the head engineer is trying to develop me to eventually take over his position when he decides to retire.

Yes definitely.

I love myself a lot.
I admire all the good qualities that I possess and tries to improve upon my weaknesses.
During my childhood days, I used to be a quite and a shy girl.
But I knew that I was not that sort of person who likes to be quiet.
I changed myself from an introvert to an ambivert person.
I started participating in extra-curricular activities in school and college.
I started interacting with people.
I became a kind of social bee.
Initially I also used to be jealous of some people and their achievements.
But now I am equally oppposite of what I used to be.
I am happy that I accepted my weakness and improved upon it.
When I get to know about some of my weakness and that seems to be genuine to me I accept it and tries hard to get over it.

I am lucky to have an awesome bunch of friends in my life, who have always proved their friendship whenever it was needed.

I have high ambitions in my life to do this or that.
And at the same time I am a lazy lass.
So yes, fighting with the laziness.

I treat both the genders equally.
I don’t have such hard and fast rules that if the person is a boy then he will only pay the bill or if the person is a girl she will only cook the food.

One more thing which I like about myself and have realized recently is I am a fighter.
When ever I go though some problem let it be emotional or some other, I first try to solve it all by myself.
I never let that problem to show on my face.
You would see the smile on my face but it may happen that I am going through a difficult situation in my life.
But yes, if the situation becomes intolerable I definitely share it with my loved ones.

Coming on to the next question.
Yes, I like my life.
By God’s grace I have got one of the best parents, siblings and a good circle of friends who always proves their existence in the times of need.

Enough I have boasted about myself.
I need to stop here.

Happy reading!!

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