Do you like reading books

Do you like reading books?

Yes, I do love to read.
It's like my stress buster.
Reading gives me excitement.
It makes me feel every emotion – sad, happy, passionate, motivated, energized, tired, warm, nostalgic-in just a few pages.
It really helped me understand there are many sides to a story.
Though many people around me ask “Yashika, how do you read such thick books with no picture?” but you know, when I read I don't see just a picture, I see a whole goddamn movie playing in my head.
I don't know how but sometimes the faces of the main actors of these movies are mine.
I wonder if I would have been in their situation what would have I done? I close the book and then play that in my head, and when I continue reading, sometimes I am like, yes! That's what I did.
And sometimes it's like oh no! My option was better.
And then I form images of people I want in my life with the help of those novels.

It's like I have my whole life planned in the sense that what will I read next.
No matter what happens I am going to start this book on this day.

And then sometimes I don't understand how can a person read novels with a straight face.
My face changes its expression every 2 minutes.

So ultimately, yes! I love reading books.
Lock me in a library (with food pls) and I will never complain.

Yes, absolutely.
I can’t imagine my life without reading.
It gives us a greater insight regarding the certain topic which we are reading.
It is not mandatory to read thick books without pictures, one can read anything according to one’s interest.
Newspapers, magazines, blogs, novels, etc these all provide us ample amount of knowledge as well as a fresh view about the world.

But personally I am an ardent fan of Novels.
I tend to forget to sleep, eat, drink and all other basic needs when I start reading a novel.
I dive into that world which plays in my mind while reading the story and feel all the emotions personally which the narrator narrates about.
After completing a certain book I stay in that book’s hangover for a while.
I miss the characters with whom I had grown to be attached.

Overall I love reading from the very core of my being and suggest each and everyone in my life to start reading and would do the same to you guyz too.

S:- Once upon a time my sister did not imagine herself to be reading anything but now she has become an addict.

Edit 1:- Thanks for the edit.

I would totally love to read more than what I do currently.

I average a book a month (sigh!), though my ideal number would be 2–3 a month.
Amidst all other hectic work, trekking, personal stuff, etcetera etcetera as of now, I can only manage one per month.
I am a fast reader and tend to read a fiction and then a non-fiction to keep it all spicy and fun.
But off-late, I’ve come across some really good non-fiction titles and am yet to switch to a fiction.
I love reading physical books though I prefer my Kindle since (1) it not only allows me to carry multiple titles at the same time but also (2) the presence of Wikipedia and dictionary is a big plus when it comes to going in-dept of some topics.

So far have read the following this year:
Currently reading:
The reading list after these contains:
I would be really happy if I can finish this list by the end of 2017.

if you have some suggestions to add to the book list, please feel free to add in the comments along with the genre of the book.

Happy reading folks :)
Edit 1: Updating the progress :)

I remember my father saying me once, “ Always trust the person who has a larger bookshelf as compared to a Television Set in his drawing room.

Well, then it seemed funny to me but now I know why he said me so.
A person can change himself completely and books can be the very reason behind that.

I remember how I was introduced to books, back in those days when I hardly used to make out the meanings of big words.
Well, that made me learn how to refer to a dictionary.
Back then, there was no kindle, and I used to enjoy the smell of those old pages and how they used to help me fall asleep.

Then the age came, when reading books was more like a competition.
It was about how quickly one would complete the entire series of a very popular novel and be a spoiler.

Many things changed after that.
Well, this habit was all the same.
From hiding story books under my pillow during board exams to crying on romantic novels, life happened.
Now I do read myself to sleep every night and technology do have a handful of contribution in that.
I feel I can get over all my habits but not this one.

It’s more like my strength, like that night pill which actually help me fight all my fears in a single shot.

I’m not sure all people like to read books, but I certainly do.
I’ve been reading since I was four years old—and that, my child, was 72 years ago, so I have read lots and lots of books.
However, I did NOT like reading most of the books assigned to me in school classes.
If you are having trouble enjoying or even understanding those books, take heart, you will not be in school forever and at the mercy of a board of education with peculiar ideas of what constitutes “good” or “educational” literature.
But do read.
Read for your own pleasure, your own entertainment, and to educate yourself about life in general.
If you pick up a book to read and find it hard to get into, I suggest giving it 50 pages.
If, in that time, it hasn’t grabbed your interest, put it back on the library shelf and choose a different one to try.

You might find books with a lot of action and dialogue easier to get into than book with really dense, wordy paragraphs and chapters.
Hint: Look for white space on the pages.
Reading does not have to be boring.
Indeed, it should not be boring.
It should take you on adventures you won’t otherwise have.

I love reading non-fiction books.
Specially the ones that investigates the philosophical foundation of sciences.
I’m currently reading Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.
I’m still in 2nd chapter.
I couldn't find anything special so far.
Though his other book The Systems View of Life is amazing.
It’s one of the best books I've ever read.

Goodreads descriptions:
The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism
After a quarter of a century in print, Capra's groundbreaking work still challenges and inspires.
This updated edition of The Tao of Physics includes a new preface and afterword in which the author reviews the developments of the twenty-five years since the book's first publication, discusses criticisms the book has received, and examines future possibilities for a new scientific world.

The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision
Over the past thirty years, a new systemic conception of life has emerged at the forefront of science.
New emphasis has been given to complexity, networks, and patterns of organisation, leading to a novel kind of 'systemic' thinking.
This volume integrates the ideas, models, and theories underlying the systems view of life into a single coherent framework.
Taking a broad sweep through history and across scientific disciplines, the authors examine the appearance of key concepts such as autopoiesis, dissipative structures, social networks, and a systemic understanding of evolution.
The implications of the systems view of life for health care, management, and our global ecological and economic crises are also discussed.
Written primarily for undergraduates, it is also essential reading for graduate students and researchers interested in understanding the new systemic conception of life and its implications for a broad range of professions – from economics and politics to medicine, psychology and law.

Yes I do, absolutely! There is nothing I put above my reading.
It takes you to a realm of tranquility where you live and breathe the characters.
I take approximately three days to read an average 500 words paperback and that's three days into that world where everything seems real, every event, the characters, the emotions it is really mind blowing.

Reading books has improved my personality and speech tremendously you won't believe.
That feeling when you're about to start a new one, the burning excitement! Man it's crazy but I love it ….

Then there is the feeling after completing it you feel good generally but also lost and torn between the world of literature and fiction and REALITY *shivers*.
That emotion is one I always get chilled thinking about….
But then I go get lost for another three days *chuckles embarrassed*

I love to read, and I can't imagine going through life not being able to.
As for what kind of books I read, I do not really have a particular genre that I stick with.
It really depends on my mood, and if I find it interesting.
I once had an English teacher state that if you are reading a book , read the first 50 pages.
If you can't get into it within that period of time, then perhaps you should move on from it, as you are only torturing yourself .
You can always revisit it later if you wish, as we as people always change our perspectives throughout our lives.

In terms of what I read mostly, though, I tend to read fantasy, science fiction, classic literature, epic poetry, biographies, history, anthropological pieces, true crime, light novels, manga, world literature, science, and sometimes religion.

Never limit yourself to a particular genre.
Knowledge is power, and even if a 1000 page book may only contain a few grains of truth, you better yourself by learning it.

I don’t just read them, I devour them.
I am a bibliomaniac.

I started reading voraciously as a small girl (age 6 or 7) when my brother got mumps shortly after we moved to London.
We were in a new city; I knew no one and we were in quarantine.
The solution? Books!!! At the age of 7, I read Anne Frank’s diary.
By the age of 9, my mother had to accompany me to Harrod’s book department (I can still find my way there blindfolded, decades later) where I spent all my pocket money, and tell the nice man that I was allowed to buy books from the adult book section; this had her approval.
My parents never censored my reading; one of the best things they EVER did for me.

I read everywhere — in the back seat of the car.
In bed at night.
After doing homework.
Whenever I had a free minute.
I learned to read in French when I took a job in the north of France (tour guide at a WW1 battlefield) and ran out of English-language books.
I was reasonably fluent in speaking French, but my reading wasn’t as comfortable.
After three or four weeks, it was.
Because I had no choice if I wanted to keep reading.

When I leave the house today, I take my Kindle with me alongside a “real” book.
If I forget a book, I have a panic attack — even if I’m just going to the farmer’s market.

I don’t know how many books I’ve read over the 50-plus years of my life.
I still re-read favorites from childhood and relish discovering new books.
I love well-written fiction, mysteries and some historical novels, as well as biographies, history, essays, current affairs, sociology, etc.
I’m insatiably curious, and books address that.
I love language, and books that are well written make me happy in a way that’s hard to describe.

I own about 12,000 books — a few thousand more if you count those on my Kindle.
I’m trying to pare down my physical collection, simply because I know I’ll never re-read many of them and it’s ridiculous when moving to have 200 boxes of books.
I would struggle to answer what my favorite book (in the singular) is; I’m always discovering new wonders and shoving them at my friends, and I have old favorites or books that make me very happy I have read them, in all kinds of genres.

I dread blindness.
Yes, audiobooks exist, but reading, words, the shape of letters — the shape of a word tells me its meaning.
It’s visceral.
It’s a kind of synesthesia.

Reading isn’t a tool, or a means to an end.
It’s an essential part of my life.
It opens my mind and my imagination.
Without the ability to read, to learn, to explore, to escape, to investigate, life would be very dreary indeed.

I love books, so much so I write them.
I’m not published, mind you, though I would give anything to be.
Books are easily one of the centers of my life, I love them with the love one only feels for their passion.

It’s hard to give a good reason why I am so fond of books.
I think it’s the stories, how a book sucks you into its world, how in a book, anything is possible.
I love the skill it takes, the challenge, and I think one of the most enjoyable things for me is finding a good writer, a writer who can make you feel the story.
I love when I am so engrossed in a story it feels as if I am there.
To walk the path of the hero, be at his/her elbow while they fight, flee, win, lose, hurt, love and even die sometimes, is an experience I have learned to cherish.

I also love when the plot is well woven, I love when a writer manages to add in subtle hints.
Things that you don’t notice until that big climax comes, and you realize I could have seen this chapters ago.
I don’t know why I love that particular trick so much, it’s an old and somewhat cliche one, perhaps its because I know the work that goes into properly executing such a thing.

So yes, I love reading books, I love everything about them and I will read nearly anything you set before me (Though, perhaps not fan-fiction…or sappy romances for that matter)

As a mom of two energetic boys, my time is really limited.
And it can be really tough to find the time to read as a busy homemaker.
But I also know that reading has such a way of filling me up, encouraging me, and when I pick the right books, helps me melt away stress.

Here’s how i read a book:
Read interactively.

Step away from your computer for a little while, crack open a book, and replenish your soul.

I likes reading novel and English newspaper and thriller love stories.
I have read many novels like half girlfriend and one Indian girl, both are written by famous Indian novelist chetna bhagat.
Now I am telling story of a girl which I read in novel.
Once there was a girl named Rqdhika.
Who had completed her postgradute from IIM Ahmdabad.
She got placement in marcating company of America as a assistance.
She was bookies type girl who had always spent her time round around books but now she wanted to change her lifestyle.
She wanted to love someone.
At her workplace in America she met a Indian boy named ashutosh.
They started meeting each other.
They started future planning.
Radhika had believed completely on ashutosh but ashutosh never believed her.
He was such type a guy who always wanted to use girls in bedroom.
He did same with rqdhika.
Which was her first attempt but for him that was uncountable.
After that night he started doing same daily in day and night.
When radhika forced him to marry her.
He refused.
Radhika tried to understand him many times but he did not accept her proposal.
Now she was very depressed.
She felt aloneness in her life.
She was not doing well in her office so she wanted to forget him.
So decided to change her workplace California to hongkong.
After that she started her work in new city.
Soon she became familiar with all office members.
Now she forget him completely as if nobody did come in her life.
In her new office she worked hard and helped others and company promoted her soon.
Now she became hear and dear of all members of office.
Officers stared giving project to her.
one day she got a which was to be done in Australia so she took of for Australia with 2 other members.

I read all the time and usually have 2 on the go at one, I mentioned in another answer that one of these is always a Harry Potter book and the other is another book of some kind, at the moment I am also reading Treasure Island.

There have only been 3 books in my life that I have not been able to finish:
Fifty Shades of Grey- Couldn’t stand it, not because of what it is about, but IMO it’s badly written.

Mercy by Jodi Picoult- Which bearing in mind she is my favourite author and I have read all her other books, that’s a pretty big thing for me.
I just found the subject matter really tough and it gave me really bad anxiety.
I hope that one day I will be able to give it another try.

One of Terry Pratchett’s disc world books- I can’t remember which one.

At the moment, I have downloaded a load of “classics” such as Frankenstein, Little Women, Moby Dick, the Secret Garden and a load others, pretty much all of the classics are free to download on Kindle.

Escaping in to a world of literature takes me away from the bad things in my life and I love it

Yes, minimum 2 a week.

I am a slow reader, but I listen to a lot of audiobooks.

I love walking and running I do at least one hour of such activity daily but never listened to audiobooks! When I bought my iPhone it naturally came with headphones, way back then I didn’t listen to books, when they broke I got some cheap set off of ebay and the difference in the music volume wasn’t as bad as to make me invest in anything more expensive than £5.

I used to hear people say they listen to audiobooks when they run, I tried it and I could not concentrate.

Less than a month a go I bought a pair of wireless headphones (just because the wire kept getting caught in between my fingers!) I then tried listening to audiobooks, oh my god, it sounds as if I’m alone in my room! So now I go through a lot of books, and I love the fact that I get a similar level of comprehension and retention when both reading or listening.

I also read kindle and library books.

I love reading books.

I enjoy the most is choosing.
When books are arranged in stores.
The categories and then by author and then alphabetically by title.
The covers make a range of colours and patterns.
I love to pass my finger over them.
Looking, feeling and touching.

When you like a book, you tilt it on it's spine and await the cover, soaking it in.
Then turn it over to the window of what the author holds inside the pages.
If you like what you see, you buy it.

The feeling when you get comfy at home.
You choose a bookmark for your book or keep random flat things in it.
You open it with care, not damaging the spine with folds.

I would particularly warp my books in plastic wrap or transparent tape the borders of the book cover.
I would open the first page and write my name and the date I bought the book.

When you turn the page to the prologue or author's note having the greet and meet and then the author would slowly unveil the story to you chapter by chapter.

Books would let you choose to love them.

Books won't be hurt if you leave the conversation in between
Books would patiently wait to tell their story.

There are books that do not deserve being read.
There are books that you read once and forget almost imediatly.
And there are the good ones, that deserve being read more than once.
But it is not easy to read good books.
They require hard work.
The advantage is that they are teachers that teach without annoyance.
You can interrupt them and they will retake the lessons without feeling offended.
They are true friends and gentle counselors.
And just as by virtue of dealing with honest and virtuous people we insensibly acquire their habits and customs, so too by the power of reading good books we learn what they teach.
The soul is nourished by good thoughts and comes to experience a pleasure that there is nothing to compare with; and only who has the fortune of living this experience can evaluate it.

I try to.

As a student, I do not have that much time left after going to the university, doing my daily commute, doing my homework, clean my room and so on.
But this year, I challenged myself to the “52 books in 2017” challenge, in which, as you might have understood, you have to read on average a book every week.

As far as we are, that is to say almost mid-July, I have already read 57 books.
If I follow this trend, I can say I read about 2 books a week.

This is a good idea.
Some books I have chosen are in my list only because I needed to collect a lot of books names to fill the entire year and beyond.
So I discovered books I wouldn't have dared trying and this is incredibly great to read books you don’t think you like at the first glance.
You can always be surprise!

Yes I do .
And to be honest it's a very good thing.
Your vocabulary increases also reading time starts to get less.
You get to know new things moreover you get to know more about other person's feeling and their prospective.


I love to read on subjects like philosophy, writing, inspiration, Autobiographies, History, and Tech.

I already read,
And few more.

I’m currently reading,
And planning to read,

I love reading books.
And I belong to the category of people that prefers the good, old physical copies of books rather than E-books.

Wha I love about books is its ability to completely immerse the reader into a world that is created by both the author and the reader as the images that form in your head are a result of the reader’s interpretation of the author’s description, as opposed to movies wherein imagination is at the mercy of the director and screenwriter.

I’ve also increasingly started reading non-fiction books that have tremendously broadened my knowledge.
They have the capacity to delve deep into a subject for 300+ pages whereas articles and posts online talk about a subject much more superficially, usually lasting for a page or two.

Reading a physical book also renders the reader free from distractions that often accompany the online platforms such as notifications and ringtones.
This enables me to read in a more focused and immersive manner.

I *wish* I could say that I read one a week.
It comes and goes.
I’d say that it’s a 50/50 mix of stuff I’ve read then re-reading again / new stuff.
But I typically read about one new book every 2–3 weeks.
To most people’s surprise, I’m an incredibly slow reader.
But I chug along.
If I really love a book, I’ll buy it on Audible and listen to it again right after I finished it.
That will be what I listen to in the car on the way to and from work.
Now that my drive is only 15 minutes, I don’t get to re-read/listen to books like I used to when I lived in Cleveland and my drive was 50 minutes.

'lots of books' varies from person to person.

I try completing 1 book a month because I have to manage academics and extra curricular in parallel but I read everyday.

If you ask me which book are you reading these days, I will always have an answer.
I keep my currently reading book right next to my pillow.

I have an instagram handle dedicated to books –
Breathes Books and Nature (@suramya.
reads) • Instagram photos and videos

Sometimes, if I cannot find time to read books, I read online journals, opinions.

So yes, I read a lot.
And this is my passion, my hobby since I have gained consciousness.

Not much.
Currently I am working so that I am not able to read whenever I want to.
But reading is my passion and hobby.
I love to read books and I want them badly in my collections.
I have a small collection of books including some classic novels.
I am trying my best to buy at least 4 books a month.
This sounds crazy ,right?! 😛 But,that’s the truth.
I can’t live without buying & reading them.
I used to read only Malayalam books but now I have bought some English novels in order to improve my communication skills & vocabulary.

It is my request to all people out there ,make reading a habit.
At least try to read one book in one month ….
a novel,travelogue,short stories ,biopics whatever it is.
Make your thoughts more better.

NB:”There is no friend as loyal as a book”- Not my words.
Happy Reading :) <3

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