Do you enjoy reading your diary

Do you enjoy reading your diary?

I only read the entries in my diary if, the said entry was written more than five years ago.

I can't read it if it was written any sooner.
I find myself pretentious, fake, exaggerated in my writings.
While the thoughts are fresh on my mind, I see million different ways to express myself but never be satisfied with the chosen one.

It's a curse.

Great question!
I’ve sporadically kept one.
I’ve recently read some from when I was 12 years old (I’m 62 now).

I enjoy some of them but not all of them.
And here’s why.

What I like most about the more recent ones and the “ancient” ones is the details and concrete facts — where I was, what I did, who was there.
It’s very interesting to recall those things.

What I find really, really boring are the recountings of my “feelings” at the time or my thoughts about things.

For instance:
Entry Type A: Went to skating rinks last night (I tightened my own skates!).
Heather showed up! We bought some hot chocolate from that stupid machine.
Her mom came to pick her up later.
I want to marry her! Then I stole the tuba from school and played in the Christmas pageant over at St.
Whoever’s church.

Entry Type B: I don’t know what I want from life.
I can go this way or that way, and it all seems the same
I look around, and nobody else seems to have this problem.

While Entry Type B is perhaps therapeutic at the time it’s written, it’s a complete bore to read in subsequent years.
There are exceptions (insights from therapy I’d forgotten), but they are rare.

Entry Type A recalls something to my mind, fixes it in time and context, and brings back memories.
It’s time-bound and more like a movie.

I find the factual sort of chronicle diary entry much more interesting to read later than the mind dump, emotion-laden, philosophical, self-obsessed, internal-thoughts type.

Let me share an average entry:
Oh crap, I ran out of things to say.
Well let’s see, I’m a boy, 17 years old, I rock a full inch fairly decently, I like shrimp.

I want to commit suicide because everything I do is useless, everyone hates me, my life will end in the depths of misery where I will find my demise at the end of a bottle of gin tears falling down knowing that I would have had a good life had I not been a pathetic waste of human resources.

I want to learn to dance salsa.

I’m not serious about the suicide, obviously, my life is pretty uneventful so I capture the general feeling of the day more than a specific occurrence.

I write with the entertainment of the reader in mind, maybe it will be me who will decide to waste some time on the future reminiscing, maybe I’ll share it with some friend, I have no idea, what I don’t want to do is say I woke up, ate breakfast, felt happy because the guy with oh so dreamy eyes looked in my general direction; of course, I still put the serious stuff, if not, what’s the point? But, as an opinion, it should always be fun, if not, what’s the point?

I’ve only stared writing a diary at the start of this year.
It was a new experience, especially when I never really found it appealing for me in the beginning.

However now, it is a great place for me to revisit the experiences I had these past months.

I indulge you, most of these entries are negative.
Though, I do tend to end every entry off on a bright and more positive note.
So that when I have to finish writing, I’m motivating myself at that point.
Moreover, when I read that motivation in the future, it gets me inspired and not do those past mistakes I made.

Every page is an experience, a story being unfolded before my eyes once more.
And I absolutely love looking back and seeing all that I’ve done.

So, yes.
I do enjoy reading my diary.
Just as much as I enjoy writing it.

I have stopped writing mine when I was in middle school but still I have like three notebooks written between being 8 years old and 15 years old.
I do not look into them too often because it all seems so far, far away but sometimes I do.
And I can’t say if I enjoy it but it is surely funny to see what was so important to 9 years old Marta to write it down (and why the heck it was list of stuff I’ve ate during a dinner?!).
15 years old Marta had some deeper thoughts but current me barely remambers people I’ve mentioned there so I am unable to fully grasp my teenage drama while reading about it now.

So if by enjoy we can understand: I’m laughing at myself then yes, I enjoy it.

Not to toot my own horn but yes I like reading my own diary.
I write my diary like a story one where if someone else were to pick it up and read it; it would come across more creative than the usual things that someone might write for example: “Dear Diary, I ate a chocolate today.
” In my diary you would find something more like: “As I walked along the ocean shore, allowing my toes to sink into the cool wet sand.
My mind started to race about the wonders that maybe lying at the bottom of the deepest darkest depth of the sea.

Yes, I usually (weekly) sit in a undistracted place and read my diary for about 1 hour.
I do this for being aware of what happened during my week and what can I do about it.
I am writing diary for more than a year so I could not read something really old.
But I am looking forward to have that fun in the upcoming years.

For more info about writing diary Journalling by Praveen on Lets Have fun

Absolutely! Reading over my own journals is one of my most enriching pastimes.
It allows me to see the social and spiritual progress I have made within a given time.
I also remember funny/exciting/sad/defining moments and events in my life, the details of which I would have forgotten had I not written them down in my journal.
I’m working on my sixth diary now, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
I’m seventeen.
Also, drawing in my journals is very helpful and entertaining.

I write my entries whenever I feel stressed out, happy, excited, emotional about something.
It reminds me of what and how far I've been and gone through.
I always feel happy whenever I look through or read my diary.
It's kind of like some feelings that run through me that I can't even describe.
Amazing? Cool? Proud? Idk it's like something stronger than that.

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