Do teen boys like simple teen girls

Do teen boys like simple teen girls?

I’m going to go with yes, even though I am a girl.
At least at my school, boys go for the most basic, average, snapchat-dog-filter-starbucks-loving, girls ever.
Not that I’m saying your any better if you don’t like those things, but it’s just the “norm” now for girls to be like this.
I think it’s all because of social status.
They play it safe and go for a girl who's somewhat cute and has similar interests.
So, in short.
Because lord forbid, you are a bit different than rest of society.
You’re not popular.

Be Yourself if a guy /girl is interested in you he'll approach there's no common view if a simple teen guy would like a simple teen girl everyone has different likes or dislikes you can't have a common opinion but if you like someone approach him without hesitation

Updated: 16.06.2019 — 2:20 pm

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