Do people still read fiction novels anymore

Do people still read fiction novels anymore?

By definition a “novel” is always fiction.
In addition, a lot of “non-fiction” is really fiction wrapped in an agenda.

Since proclaimed fiction is honest and non-fiction is unreliable as a true source of information, I prefer reading fiction.
I know it’s a bunch of lies, so I can just enjoy the story.

Check out Amazon.
If people weren’t reading fiction, that many novels wouldn’t be sold.
They’re a product and the world is filled with consumers.

Thanks for the A2A.

Absolutely people still read fiction novels.
I personally don’t fancy nonfiction novels, so 9/10 times fiction is all that I read.
I only read nonfiction if I am interested in the subject at hand, or the author, etc.

For example, I am reading Theft By Finding by David Sedaris, and I’m enjoying it.
It’s an account of his journal entries from 1977 – 2002.
It’s intriguing.
I’m also reading Sleeping Giants by Sylvian Nuevel.

I prefer fiction over everything, and so do most of my friends on Goodreads and friends IRL.

Do people still read fiction novels anymore?
About 2/3 to 3/4 of books that I read are fiction.

Go to the bookstore, a good portion is fiction.
And a good portion of non-fiction are reference books, cook books, etc, so it’s hard to count those as actual reading books.
You use a cook book, but do you actually read them? For the most part, no.

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