Do all women moan during sex

Do all women moan during sex?

Moaning loudly during sex has become more prominent with the massive boom in the porn industry.
We hears Stars like Nikki Benz and Mercedes Carrera screaming like they are being attacked by a serial killer and men everywhere think that is what women need to sound like if they are having a good time.

However, this isn’t always the case as is generally a false representation.
Though there will be women who are naturally very noisy during sex, a report shows that 87 per cent of women say they are noisy to boost their partner's self-esteem.
66 per cent of the women said they did this to spur on their partner to climax and bring things to an end.

This study was put together by Kristen Mark, a sexuality researcher at Indiana University.

In the end, what you want is for the woman to orgasm and whether they scream or not, it is pretty obvious when that is happening.
It is fair to say that if a woman has an orgasm, she is enjoying herself.
That is why we put together a guide to giving women multiple orgasms.
If you can give her those, you will go right to the top of the class.

So don’t worry if the woman doesn't scream like a maniac…those who do are likely faking it anyway.
Just concentrate on having sex WELL

In my experience they do when first in the relationship.
They then tend to get progressively quieter and quieter.
And then children may happen and not only is she as quiet as a quiet thing, you too must join in this quietness ritual.
Then one day, when the child (ren) are out of the house for any time longer than an hour, the quietness ritual is replaced by the ‘ we need ear protection and an alarm clock that flashes the alarm’ ritual.

So, yeah some are moaners, others arent.
Same can be to start with, then strangely lose the ability to make any sound at all.
And then there are those who start off as quiet as a church mouse initially who after pushing the correct buttons and getting her turned on, turn into King Kong on a Karaoke machine turned up to 23.


Your grammar sucks mate.
But the content is good.

There is literally nothing that all girls do or like during sex.
Every girl is a new experience, and you need to explore her with that in mind.
There are no universal indicators.
But, paying very close attention, watching, hearing and feeling the changes in her during sex and talking about it after will help you learn about her, sexually, and make you better at providing what she needs from your encounters.

As far as moaning in particular, many do, but some girls are totally silent.
I had a girl pass out once during orgasm.
Never made a sound.
Scared the hell out of me.
“Sometimes that happens,” is all I got out of her later.

I also know a girl that winds up giggling if she’s reached her limit.
That was a little unnerving the first time.

ive moaned alot with a few guys.
And im still new sex.
Im short and alot of the guys that i have sex with are always a whole foot taller.
I moan without thinking or realizing it.
I thought i moaned because i enjoyed it.
I still dont understand why.
I know i get flushed and turn red because im embarassed.
Because i know i make noises during sex.
But its out of my control.
I think its because my partners are too big or just a bit bigger genital wise for my vaginal area.
So it adds more pressure.
Throughout my body to my head.
Its hard to be happy and find a with a guy thats genitals and height match mine.
It feels uncomfortable and overall its not what i want.
And it always seems like the man enjoys it more than i do.
And me moaning not out of discomfort, its just makes the guy think im enjoying it alot.

If you are doing it right, yes.

For women who don’t, Teach her gently.
Your partner letting sounds come out is essential to her pleasure, the sounds use some brain bandwidth from the Sub Conscious to the conscious, leaving less available bandwidth to think about the bills or the kids and this helps the person get deeper into the act which leads to more enjoyment.

Women also love men who moan and verbalize their pleasure.
Pleasing your partner in every possible way simultaneously (which sounds do) contributes to a deeper and more pleasurable experience.

There were two things I needed to figure out before I ever considered dating anyone when I was 16.

One was were they a moaner and the best way to test that out is just before you even consider kissing a girl, give her a little back rub on the shoulder , if she moans you got a good one, if she moans and tilts her head you have a great one.

Next thing I had to find out was if the girl was a squirter , this was much trickier to find out and required many more questions such as do you ever sleep on a wet bed ?
Do you ever pee when you laugh ?
If you cum am I going to know it from you your screams of ecstasy or am i going to feel it or both.

Get those together and you got a great payday coming your way.

Any question such as “do all women X” or “do all men Y” is automatically answered with an emphatic “no.

I’m not sure why people feel the need to generalize by gender type, but it’s not helpful to progressively moving our society forward.

Every woman is different.
Every man is different.
Women and men have lots in common, and anybody who still thinks of things in the terms of “women prefer X whereas men prefer Y” probably don’t get it yet.

But to answer the question, many women moan, many women don’t.
Many men moan as well.
In fact, I just moaned, come to think of it.
About this question.
If what you actually mean is “why do I not moan” or “why do I moan so loudly”, then the answer is, not everyone moans, and some people are louder than others.
We are all a little different.
Celebrate the differences and enjoy being yourself.

Absolutely not.
There are as many different levels of moaning as there are spices in the universe.
Each woman is different.
Moans can be from pleasure, pain, boredom or any number of things.
Some women are silent.
Some women want to moan but aren’t comfortable enough to do so.
It varies greatly.

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