Did a certain answer on Quora change your life

Did a certain answer on Quora change your life?

This question – What is Google Code-in? It changed my life completely.
It introduced me to the world of magic and walking cat girls and anime.
Now I regularly fight weird monsters while going to school.
I also recently got a Death Notebook, and soon, I'll be the leader of this world.
<Insert evil laughter here>
Sarcasm switched off.

First of all, I'm only 16.
My life changes everyday.

Anyway, I'm from a middle class family, and hadn't gone out of my country before this.
It was my childhood wish to go to USA (and Japan too.
Cause anime.
One day, I came across to the aforementioned question in my Quora Feed.
Being the super genius I am, I scrolled past it without even checking what it was.

A few days later, I saw that question again.
I was in a good mood then, and actually looked it up.

A coding competition by Google for students 13–17.
Encourages program — bleh bleh-bleh —
free t-shirt from Google.
(If you do ANY 3 problems, or “tasks” in the contest, you can get a free shirt)
That really appealed to me.
So I thought, why not? Free t-shirt and stickers.
So, I entered the contest, mostly just for the T-shirt.
I enjoyed doing the tasks.
I did more and more of them.
One day, when I was coming back home from school, I casually checked the leaderboard.

My name was in the leaderboard! That meant I had a 50% chance of being a finalist and getting a hoodie!
So I did even more tasks, and did them with a good concentration and focus.

A few days after the competition was over, I got a mail — “Congratulations! You've been selected as a winner”
My first reaction – This is a scam.

My second reaction – This is still a scam.

My third reaction – OMG this is REAL!!!!! *heart attack*
I won the competition.
And went to USA, and to the Google HQ.
And met a lot of awesome people.
And learnt a lot.
And got my childhood wish fulfilled.
And got stickers, shirts, hoodies, a Pixel XL, a Daydream VR, more shirts, more stickers, even more shirts.

Thank you Google, for fulfilling my childhood wish <3
This Quora question — What is Google Code-in? — really did alter my life in a great way.
Oh, and I also got pretty popular in school.

Also, if my any of my competition mentors are reading this — Sorry, I was probably irritating you guys a lot, but thanks for being patient with me and choosing me as the winner!


Kittie Rayborn has.

Her answer, Kittie Rayborn's answer to What did it take for you to finally leave an abusive relationship? Resonated with me in a way that no other answer on Quora has.
I don't even know why.
I haven't ever been in a physically abusive relationship but I often think in metaphors.

The way I interpreted this answer was to see “Kevin” as my depression.
And my depression, and my anxiety, and even my migraines have been beating the life out of me for years and years.

I'm tired.
In my bones and in my soul.

So, so tired.
All the time.

All the live long effing day.

And I had goosebumps reading her answer.
Especially the part where she said “I realized that my life was not at all what I wanted it to be, and I was the only one who could change that.

That hit me in my heart and in the deepest parts of my brain where I really needed it to.

That night, I cried myself to sleep wondering what I could possibly do against such forces in my life to change my circumstances.
It's not so simple (or difficult) as getting in a car and driving away.
And feeling so exhausted and weak and broken and beaten, I truly didn't believe I could really do a single thing.

So I called for help.

I told every embarrassing detail of my crumbling demise to my previous psychiatrist of 17 years who had moved across the country (I'm on a waiting list for a new one) via email and I told my mom.
The two people I trust most in this world.

And they rallied like champs.

My psychiatrist was on the phone with me changing my medications and talking me through my crisis in a matter of 2 hours — in the middle of her work day as a forensic psychiatrist in a hospital in BC, Canada.
It's not like she had a lot of time on her hands to deal with former whiny patients in crisis, and this is why she's my hero and so good at what she does.
She really cares and has never once, in 17 years, let me down.

My mom was at my apartment pulling me out of bed and holding me in her arms within minutes.

And it's only been getting better since then.

I've been going on 2.
5 hour walks with my mom almost every day since then to keep my body moving and I've lost almost 20 lbs.

I'm eating only healthy food and loving it.

My mom cleaned my entire apartment while I cried but I have kept it clean and had friends over for tea even when I don't feel good just so I'm not alone.
I had gone 6 months without a soul being allowed into my place because I was embarrassed of the mess.
I had completely isolated myself.
This is a massive change for the better for me.

I have started painting furniture again which I haven't done in 2 years even though it's my all time favourite hobby.

I'm getting out of bed every single day no matter how I feel.
And I'm feeling better every day.

I have received so many messages from so many caring and wonderful people on Quora asking how I am lately because I haven't been contributing to Quora lately which is very out of character.
I honestly didn't have an answer for the longest time.
(And I still don't.
I'm not back on Quora yet but I'm getting closer to participating in social media again.
I just felt this answer needed to be written.
) I was not okay.
There is something in me that refuses to contemplate suicide since I was a teenager and attempted it 3 times.
I got through that so I believe I can get through anything now.
But I still shut down entirely due to my very severe depression.

Just because you don't want to die, doesn't mean you know how to live.

And it doesn't mean you want to either.

I was trapped in a purgatory for 3 years.
Not dying, but not living either.

You saved me Kittie.

I have no words that can do justice to the emotion that this brings into my heart.
A simple “thank you” feels paltry and inadequate but I will offer it anyway…
Thank you, with all of my heart ❤

Here are all the answers about life on my reading list.
I can assure you that I am not the same person I was after reading all these answers.
They have influenced the way my brain processes all the sensory inputs it receives.

There was one answer that definitely changed my life forever.

It was the first answer I wrote that got over 100k views on Quora, eventually going up to over 600k views, and it snowballed my Quora career:
Lukas Schwekendiek's answer to What are some very useful websites that impart knowledge and skills that are useful in real life (like Quora, Lifehacker, Khan Academy, etc.
) that one should visit every day?

After this answer the people on Quora paid attention to my answers a lot more and I started to get traffic from all sides.

It wasn’t long after that my first answer got published on INC and soon afterwards even on TIME and The Huffington Post!
My followers grew drastically while all my answers got more views and it was that month that I broke 1 Million views all time as well as for that particular month.

Since that moment I have never went down below 500k views any given month and through this traffic was asked to do a lot of amazing things.

I got more coaching clients than I ever thought possible, while still getting over a dozen new requests every single day.

I was asked to speak at various colleges, and was even invited to teach a course at the University of London.

I got interviewed, was asked to share my posts and even companies started to reach out to me to help them with their businesses.

I was able to make more money than both my parents combined, work from home and live out my dream.

And it all started with one unseeming answer that changed everything.

Stop being less than you can be and reach your goals.
Send me a message saying "Coaching" to work 1 to 1 with me.
Lukas Schwekendiek

You know who would’ve been a great Quoran? Aristotle.
For he knew:
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Quora is much like investing: if you play it right, you get much more out of it than you put in.

The real value of reading answers on Quora doesn’t lie in each individual answer’s effect on you, but in who you become as a result of the total time you spend on here.

Sometimes, you put money into a stock and it instantly takes off.
You remember those best.
Like I remember a 78-year old’s lesson to never punish people for behaving according to their age.
I instantly tried putting this into practice and it’s stuck with me ever since.

But the best investors are never worried about any individual stock.
They continue to invest for a long time and eventually, they end up with a huge return.
A return they never could have foreseen looking at each stock on its own.

I might not remember your fantastic, well-written answer, but maybe that day, I’ll go out of my way to be nice to someone, stand up for what’s right or overcome a small fear of mine.

It’s not just certain answers on Quora that change my life.
It’s all of them.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
” – Aristotle

This is what turns us from humans into people.
Sure, beneath it all there’s chemistry and biology, but it’s the moments we forget that – the moments we forget ourselves – that really make us feel alive.

Whatever the reason you’re here, thank you for reading.
Thank you for writing.

Thank you for being part of something inexplicable.
Something bigger.

Thank you for doing what Aristotle would have done.

Thank you for investing your time in Quora.

These are 5 recent answers among around 80–90 answers that we’ve picked for the Ambitious Project to bring 1000 best answers we read on Quora at one Platform.

The Platform is Diamond Archive

I can't say “an” answer has changed my life…but i can truly say that my experience on quora has changed me as a person.

I joined quora about two years back.
Came across it while searching for an answer for school.
I will always be glad for that moment.
I was fifteen at the time and very insecure.
Having had a problem with acne my appearance was a sore point and just another source of self consciousness.
I have never been much of a talker and every difference i saw between me and my friends led me to second guessing myself.
The result: i was afraid of messing up and backed down very easily.

And then quora came riding out of the sunset.

In essence, it taught me to love myself.

It gave me a different sense of the world.
With its so many different people and a wide array of personalities .
it taught that me its okay to be different, to not want to talk.
to be me.

It showed me that there are bigger problems in the world.
Problems that are being solved because somebody took the initiative.
It taught me that i can make a difference but only when i take a stand….
and that success is not achieved overnight.

It taught me that you can’t live by listening to everybody because there will always be people who have nothing better to do than drag somebody down and that there words are best ignored.

All the knowledge that people provide, all the experiences that they write about, the different points of view.
They helped me build opinions and figure out what I believed in.

It has made me more self aware and showed me that the only validation worth seeking is that which comes from within.

It made me see that people can have different opinions and still both be right.
That everybody makes mistakes and nobody is perfect.

It showed me how complex how beautiful the world is…with both its darkness and light.
This platform where in one answer tells about how somebody got cheated and another describes the kindness of a stranger.

I still have my akward moments and moments of doubt .
but then who doesn't ! I still have problem approaching someone i dont personally know.
but now i know that its okay and that it will get easier with practise.

So .
no a single answer has not changed my life but two years of quora experience certainly has !
The biggest proof of change :
I wouldn't have dreamed of writing this answer two years back!

One of Dushka Zapata’s answers changed my life or more precisely, it changed the way I viewed my life.

(I wanted to add a link to her answer here but I can't find her answer.
Dushka has more than 2000 answers.
I know she used this answer on the cover of her latest book “Amateur”)
When I read her answer, I was in a state of shock.
In my mind, I said: “So, that's how it feels like to be unconditionnally loved ”.
I cried a lot, for several days.
This answer explained why I suffered so much when my life was perfect from the outside, why I wanted to be perfect all the time when I was younger, why I judged myself so harshly.
Being loved uncondionnally is an incredible gift.
Parents should strive to love their children unconditionally.
I felt loved by my parents but never unconditionally.
I was never good enough.
I was never considered perfect in their eyes and my parents and in particular, my father would never say the beautiful words Dushka's father said “Oh, Dushka, she was perfect”.

Dushka's answer and her relationship with her dad shook me.
It helped me realise that I needed to change my viewpoint.
It helped me turn the page and get over it, although I knew this before, after years of therapy.
It hurts not to be loved as you are, but “c'est la vie” and you have to try to be the best person you can be, for yourself.

It isn’t any one particular answer.
But I would say here that answers of Balaji Viswanathan (பாலாஜி விஸ்வநாதன்) are very informative and it would take much time for one to learn all of that, more interest than the time required.

To be specific, the way he explored the problems regarding Cauvery Water issue in Peninsular region of our country, from where they originated and how they can be dealt was awesome.
Unfortunately, it was my visit to his home where we got the opportunity to talk about this.
So no record of it other than my mind palace.

Another time, he wrote about why Modi is hated by a lot other politicians, to answer which he went back to the history and geography of India.
Then he related all to the Psychology of Ganga valley was awesome.
Man, one needs such vast knowledge about the country and people’s behavior to write such answer.

Both these added to my thirst to earn more knowledge.
I hope to meet him many more times.

To add more, he writes some good articles on Medium too.

Yes, as a matter of fact I have had one answer on Quora that changed my life.

Excuse me for not recalling all of the details but my phone's keyboard was not working properly for weeks and it was driving me insane.
Ok ok, more insane.

I had heard of Quora but wasn't about to hop on and make my own foolishness public knowledge.
However, I enjoy writing and a malfunctioning keyboard wasn't gonna cut it.
I went ahead and read all of the possible reasons why I could be experiencing this problem.

I had read many lengthy explanations online written by experts that left me essentially confused, ok ok, more confused.
But Quoras answers were varied, informative and I could basically select the one I understood best.
The problem was one I was able to remedy myself.
Which completely surprised me.

My point, is that after reading, fixing and continuing to pursue writing online my world has grown considerably larger.
Until then I had remained convinced that no where on earth could I write and be enjoyed by others!
Quora showed me that wasn't the case.
Might seem small to some but for me it meant that I could pursue my passion and that's something I am forever grateful for.

I’m very much hesitated to answer this question.
Because of thinking that my answer might only be a partial one.

Not a single answer had changed my life, but as we know that ‘success is achieved through daily routine’.
Daily some part of my day is spent on quora.
In that some time I can see various questions & answers based on the latest happenings.
Through that I can be stayed connect to the latest news & happenings.
I also see many useful questions like ‘what are the things a 20 years old must do or do not do to avoid regret’ & many other questions & useful answers.
I want to thank all the members of quora for answering as well as asking questions.

Before knowing about quora I just browse facebook all the time.
But after becoming a member of quora I can learn something useful in my everyday life.

The answer is a partial yes.
Why because every answer that I can relate to my life & age teach me something useful.
So, not a single answer but every answer is going to show its impact for some extent in my life.

Thank u people,
Thanks quora.

Yes, but I have to be honest, I forgot it.
That’s why older people should write things down, then if they write things down a lot have some system for remembering where they put it.
File under—Quora statements that changed view of life.

Ah, I recall now.
It was someone advocating more adventure in life rather than the 9–5 routine (but also puzzlingly advising to screw as many women as possible).
What a caring and responsible individual.

In any event the suggestion was, “Do you want to live the same day 365 days per year, or 365 days of each year.
” My college-age son saw the problems in his approach in about 5 seconds though he is an astounding adventurer and not shy about danger in the pursuit.
“Dad, if establish the same routine every day this makes room for….
” Traveling, even interrupted by living with the people you encounter for awhile, gets at great experience, but there is a hell of a lot more to life than experience and perhaps self-expression, self-development.
There is sustained productivity and creativity in projects, art.
writing etc.
Still, there is something remarkable about this concept.
And I started immediately putting it into practice the next day.
Put more adventure in your life, or every day, at least one small adventure—YES! Leave out some of the exploitative sexual exploit though.

Not one answer, but a few.
And it wasn’t an earth-shattering change… but it was a good assist back in the right direction.

I was broken in a relationship that I definitely shouldn’t have gotten into.
I came out of it worse for wear… but with a hunger to understand what had happened to me.
I delved into the internet in search of information and articles, and people like myself.
I found them.

I’ve gotten better at understanding Narcissism as a result of all of this, but I was definitely under the impression that the malignancy was a purposeful, evil construct… created with purpose and malice of forethought.

Rudy Schmitz has taught me otherwise.
What I one thought was a villain, I now understand is more like a predator… acting without really understanding.
I don’t think a Shark knows the philosophy behind why it creates such terror, or why it is such an efficient eating machine.
It does what it does because it is what it is.

Now, people aren’t just dumb animals… all the time.
So, my comparison is not to reduce Narcs to the level of animals.
Or sharks.

But villains deserve to be defeated.
Triumphed over.
Narcissists don’t.

Like a grizzly bear… it’s nice they are on the same planet.
They look great in pictures, and on display… their habitat should be respected and left to them.
Admire them at a distance, but otherwise… leave them alone.
Narcs who have their narcissism going on? Treat them the same way.
Watch them like a stage act, and otherwise leave them as one of the faceless crowd.

At least… that’s where I am now.
And I was angry and really hurting before.
I’m not, so that’s a good thing, and I feel he deserves most of the credit.

It didn't change my view on life, but it did change my life completely.

Last year I was browsing my feed and this answer kept popping up:
Harlock Heughs's answer to I find the thought of conversing with a psychopath highly intriguing since I never have.
Is it plausible for a psychopath to want to chat mask-off with a stranger?

Now, I'd already been messaging a few psychopaths on Quora and asking them various questions and having a chat etc.
I didn't have any need to message another.
But this answer kept popping up in my feed.
I read it a couple of times and eventually thought Sure, why not?
So I sent a message late one night.

It was quite short and pithy, saying something like ‘Hello Harlock, if you would be interested in talking perhaps we could converse’.
He replied pretty quickly and we struck up a conversation…
Several months of constant messaging, calling and getting to know each other better later, we finally met in person… and the rest as they say is history.

And that, boys and girls, is the story of how Harlock Heughs and I got together.
It's safe to say that seemingly insignificant answer changed both our lives for the better in every possible way.

I had just started writing a blog about my search for enlightenment in a modern world when I came across Marc Hodak's answer to Does anybody actually enjoy life? in my Quora email digest.

Enlightenment, and the practice of searching for it, is, as much as anything, an attempt to find our path away from suffering and towards genuine happiness, no matter our circumstances.

There are miserable rich people and joyous people who don't have two nickels to rub together.
There are young people who are stressed and old people without a care in the world.
Wealthy or penniless, young or old, black or white, male or female, employed or unemployed, one of the main points the Buddha made was that happiness was not something that could be obtained from outside, but was nurtured from within.

Of course, that isn't always easy to remember, which is why I write about the glimpses of enlightenment I discover in my own life, such as they are.
Marc's answer was one such glimpse, a story about a man who, literally, looked death in the eyes and lived to tell the tale.
I highly recommend reading it if you feel the urge for a little perspective on the challenges you face in your own life.

Oh, and if you'd like to read my own thoughts on that answer, you can do that here: Enjoying Life | By The Bodhi Tree

Well i used to be an introvert.
And now i'm a proud introvert because that lead me to quora.


Honestly, I think most of this ‘it changed my life’ stuff is hogwash.

And by that I mean Quora answers, trips, books, movies, meeting certain people etc.
The kind of things people sometimes talk of when they mean life-changing things.
The only things that have an instant impact on your life are usually tragic events such as death, disease and destruction.
If your house and the town you live in get washed away by a Tsunami, that’s usually going to have quite an impact on your life.
Apart from that, I think, there are very very few things in life that can literally change it to a significant extent.

I am a firm believer in the mantra that change comes gradually.
You want to re-orient your life? Want to have a different outlook, expand your worldview, get out of a rut? The way to go is to change things in small, gradual doses.
Life is like an oil tanker – you can’t change its course easily through something comparatively small as a Quora answer.
Or a book.
Or a trip.
Those can be trigger events, maybe.
But the actual “change work” comes after the trigger event – and that’s the hard part, the part that takes time and effort and usually runs slowly.

User-10034635144001023849’s answer on teens present on quora( posted actually quite recently).

When she metioned how she deleted a 12k upvote post, I was shocked.
Because it had garnered so much attention, good and bad.
Why not just bask in the fame for a sec? It sounds crazy, but personally, my views and upvotes have short through the roof (I only post a lot during school breaks).
I have found myself day to day staring and refreshing my profile page, expecting some numbers to change( in a selfish manner).
But After seeing this post, I do have to agree that for the most part, the people on Quora are intelligent and sensitive human beings, and caring about some number is not going to benefit me in any way.
Thanks Ivy for teaching me how to thoroughly enjoy the online discussion experience, and not take it for granted ever.

Good stuff.

Question: How soon You can buy BMW
Doctor: I can Buy in 6 months.

Engineer : It will take 2 Years for me.

Police: I can buy in 1 Year.

Graduted in BCom Guy: I need 10 years to buy BMW
Ohh why 10 years……
He replied BMW is a big Company I need a sufficient time to buy It.

Attitude matters : All are thinking about Car, and he about the Company.

Think BIG.

Read about the story of an anonymous girl, who was married and just casually told about her past forced relationship with some relative which let to her divorce with her husband.

This story completely changed my thought process about marriage and people whom you can trust…
My realizations after that:

Did an answer on Quora actually change your life? If yes, how?
Quora answers have helped me a lot to change my perspective towards this world.

you can check out my answer, my life before and after quora.

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