Could humanity survive if 999 of humans were wiped out

Could humanity survive if 99.9% of humans were wiped out?


if 99.
9 % of humanity is wiped out- It is because of a deadly virus/ frequent natural disasters/ asteroid or meteor striking the earth/ nuclear catastrophe or something cataclysmic.

There is no reason to assume, that technology would survive or hospitals would be up and running.
Similar goes for farm produce.
And with decreasing forest cover, where will you scavenge? On the streets?
Another reasonable assumption is that the ones who survived are with fatal injuries,ill, disfigured or exposed to radiation.
And populations would be highly scattered.
This would lead to hundreds of thousands of death.

And coming into civilization- We’ve abandoned the “Survival of the fittest” strategy, with healthcare up and running, even weak individuals survive and reproduce.
People who naturally would have been wiped out.
And don’t forget Crime in such desperate times.
Ethical and moral ambiguity.

We’ll become primitive again, with wars, diseases but would have extremely less chance to survive, since the planet would no longer be in a shape to support human life.

Alternative theories:
Isolation of small populations over a long period of time would lead to new species of human.

We build everything from scratch again.
(Under horrid conditions, Unlikely)

We have 7.
6 billion humans.
of it would mean 760,000 humans.

If we assume that we have a fair sex ratio with 760,000 humans then why can't we survive? Remember, we survived over a long period of time when we had little resources, exposer to exitinction and only limited members of our specie.

760,000 humans would be able to take humanity forward given the same conditions, resources and technology that we have now with 7.
6 Billion of us.

Cause it's always the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

Yes, Humans will survive.
If you turn the pages of history, say 10000BCE, the total human population that time would had been less than 1 Million (assumption) in today’s 7.
6 Billion.
How this population increased from prehistoric period to present level? ) 0.
1% survival of humans will take severl millenium to enrich their population as long as resources are available to sustain life and growth.

Yes, it can , as in common indian beliefs, the whole world started with just 2 people,
and you said 99.
9% humans wiped out so remaining will be 0.
Total humans on earth 7.
6 billion
01% of it is 76000
which is more than enough to proceed lifeā€¦
there are 30 countries having population less than 75000

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